Ramadan day 9 & awfully chocolate

So this would be my second time typing this post because i accidently pressed back and the whole post was lost when it was 99% completed but bad things just seem to happen, 

so anyway hello there! 

So anyway ramadan day 9 fell on a Thursday which was also the first day of my exams and my counselling module! 

it started as a cold morning and i was so tempted to stay home but i couldn’t and i went to school with my friend as normal and we were grumbling about the exam as we haven’t gotten back all our results and here they are making us take another exam. Annoying right? 

Headed to class and my counselling facilitator is honestly a very perky person! She is so nice and happy especially in the morning and you can’t like be mad at her for being so happy in the morning and you can only afford to smile and she asked for my help to take attendance and to take down note for those who was late and to tell them which team they would be in. 

the day passed smoothly with a whole lot of roleplaying and me dreading for my exams later as i was already starting to mentally prepare myself for the failure of today’s paper and one of my team mates asked if i did my revision and i told her i just read through the Revision slides and told her i was mentally preparing to fail and she laughed asking why and you see here was the faceplam moment of the century. 

My paper for the day was Human disease but there i was confidently telling her about Management accounting until she corrected me and that was when i started to panic and asked her to help me refresh my memory on what my Human disease facilitator asked us to study and went about finding notes while looking through some online shopping website ( Yes, i know i should stop but it’s so hard! ) 

So came to class half prepared and OH MY GOD! about 10 essay question with like 2-3 parts in it to be done in 45 min, trust me, i rushed like crazy!

After exam, met my friend and went home together and i got ready to go out because i was meeting one of my girls to hang out as my parent’s were out at malacca ( which is part of malaysia) for a night and no school night curfew! 

For me, my curfew only exist from monday to friday which are schooling days and when it comes to the weekends, goodbye my curfew! 

So We meet at about 830 plus plus and went to get her stuff before heading to spatula bakery for cupcakes only to find it close. So we kept wondering around and stumbled upon awfully chocolate! 

No second option needed, we both went in and was captivated with the cakes and the yummy chocolate smell!. 

So fifa got awfully chocolate signature milk and poached dark chocolate while i got Lemon yoghurt cake and Iced butterscotch milk. 



Yes, their chocolate milk is served in a shot glass and it is superbly cute! The taste is very rich and as fifa says ” taste like a very rich chocolate milk from dutch lady ”  and it’s kinda costly too. About $8-9 for this, you tell me if it is worth it. 



I swear by all things chocolatey , this is a must try! its called poached dark chocolate and it is basically a slab of dark chocolate in its purest form served with vanilla flavoured cream and oh my god, it was so good! It doesn’t taste that bitter and paired with the cream, its like a match-made in heaven!  I am not a fan of dark chocolate but if i ever go there again, this is what I’m getting. 



meet my lemon yoghurt cake and this is very yummy! I like how the lemon taste isn’t that strong and the layer below all the cream, the biscuit like layer there is actually very good! It’s not too hard and its flavourful but the only downside to this is for me, it was too creamy and i am not a big fan of creamy cakes but for those who are looking for a creamy refreshing cake with citrus bits in it, this is your cake. 

We both then stopped by fatboys and i ordered a take away burger but that was the only food outlet opened and we both cab home because it was already late and fifa was working at 7am the next day. 

Anyway much love you guys, 



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