Ramadan day 10, 11, 12

Hello my lovely amazing readers, i know i have been lacking in a lot of post lately and i am really sorry but exams were around the corner but it has ended and i have more time now (YAY!) and school is tiring me out as well as fasting.  Forgive me will you?

anyway for the next 3 ramadan days i am about to write, i will mainly put them in point form because i can’t really remember what happened and i have soo many things i want to share with you guys about this week!

so let’s start off with friday, ramadan day 10

so i skipped class again because i wasn’t feeling well and went for Judo only, it was fun because we had randori (open mat ) and some funny things happened like during randori, we normally switch partners so meaning i went through like 3 rounds of it and basically today was more physical training and they did tyre flipping while i couldn’t do because of my in juried shoulder so randori made me feel  better and what was funny was when me and corriene spar, we both kept head butting each other because we were the same height and we couldn’t see our legs because everything looked like a white blur but she managed to win me because she knew how to do the techniques while i was still struggling. After training, i was happy till i checked my phone and i felt so low suddenly, it was my cousin’s 7th death month anniversary and i felt like crying because i missed her and i decided to go home first. One of the nicest thing was my eyecandy actually asked if i was okay and i had to lie and say yes because i wasn’t ready to tell people why. Called Ikha and we talked taking my mind off things. Went to buy cat food and dad called asking if i wanted to go my auntie’s place which i said yes and hurried home, bath and changed and waited for my parents to picked me up. It was then that i realized i couldn’t put my right foot down properly and limped and my wrist started hurting me like crazy, i literally couldn’t twist it. ANDDDDDD i saw pretty boy when i wanted to change and oh my god, i miss him and if it wasn’t the fasting month, i would have hugged the living day light out of him but too bad it was!


went to my auntie places and had a chill out session while hearing my parents and aunt talk about their day in malacca!

Now onto day day 11~

I went to my dad’s side for iftar! Like finally because all this while it has always been my mom’s side and it was good seeing my cousins.

Now what is iftar?

Iftar is basically when we all get together and break fast together.

It is really fun especially with your cousins who you haven’t seen in a long time or with your friends!

The one thing that i enjoy during iftar with extended family is the dining table will be filled with all kind of food! From noodles to rice to dessert to even starters like porridge. Its like after a 12 hour fast, coming to a place and seeing the table filled with food kinda makes you feel grateful for all the things you have in life. Like I’ve heard some families in my country or other country that only have dates or porridge or even less than that to break fast with and it’s saddening and it also makes you more grateful for what god have given you and you start to cherish things more like for this year,i don’t get to breakfast with my family often because i have training on 2 days and on weekends, sometimes i help my friend at her baking job. Out of 7 days, i can only manage to break fast with my parents for like 3-4 days only and of course my parents have their own things to do and time is limited but  when you get to sit at the table with your family and extended family, you start cherishing more and you really realized how blessed you are to always have food on the table. The day ended well and on a happy note because everyone ‘s tummy was filled and we completed our prayers together.

now day 12 was finally a stay home sunday!

I just love stay home sunday because i get to stay home and be in my PJ for at least half of the day and sleep in! That right there is alrd a blissful life. SO since it was stay home sunday and my mom had to work, i managed to help my mom clean part of the house and was exhausted by the time she came home. We then decided what to eat while my father headed back to sleep because he works the night shift and it tires him out like alot . SO me and my mom were talking about what to eat when i kept telling her to just order mac or KFC and my mom went like ” NO! I am home and for that we shall cook ” .

I dread hearing those words because i have to help but i wont be helping her cook, instead i would be washing the dishes and hearing her nag or sing some oldies song which to her ” Makes the cooking taste nicer ” well who could argue with a mother’s logic right?

So she ended up cooking PASTA! Like finally! I prefer my mom’s pasta over mine because it has the spicy asian flavour in it and mom’s cooking is always yummier than anyone else cooking 🙂

well she lose out to my aunt in terms of tom yam and to my grandpa in terms of chili crab and to my grandma in term of sambal goreng but doesn’t mean i love her cooking any much less.

So thats all for now you guys, nothing much happened on stay home sunday because after we ate and did our prayers, everyone just became a fat cat and laze around.

Love you guys!



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