Preparation for hari raya!

Before any great festival or celebration, there is always the preparation part! 

and this is mine! 

so during ramadan, there was literally alot of spring cleaning. 

like every hook, crook, nook of the house would be cleaned and you will be amazed at the amount of dust collected from this places and it was super tiring and because i have a very sensitive nose, i tend to sneeze and cough alot which made me feel sick and because spring cleaning is a family thing, everyone in the household eventually fell sick as well. 

So apart from spring cleaning, what else do we do? 


i just love following my mom around when she wants to buy the kueh and getting free tester in everything! 

Hari raya kueh is basically like biscuit or treat of hari raya which some people make themselves while others may prefer to buy. since we were so busy to make them this year or any other year and because we don’t have an oven, we usually buy them. 

One of the most popular kueh that everyone loves would be 


which is the malay name for it while the English name is pineapple tart. 

now i do believe everyone loves these in no regards to your race because i know my Chinese and Indian friends loves this and would ask us to bring some over sometimes. 

and during hari raya, for every house i go too, i would taste their kueh tart because i love it and i end up deciding whose house has the nicest and would tend to eat alot more because i’m sure they have stock and they won’t mind me eating more. Its part of the festive spirit 🙂 ( more like my tummy spirit ) 

in preparation for hari raya, 

we tend to makes change to ourselves to look good or more presentable! like for me, i got a new hair colour and a hair cut which makes my hair seem to short now * cries * 







Everyone has been telling me i have paramore lead singer hayley willams hair colour but no! i don’t!

MY hair is actually a mix of red and pink especially in the sunlight so my hair is awesome. Just short but at least it is healthier looking! 

I actually bought new shoe and a clutch bag as well which i just found out today that the inner zipper is slightly spoilt and will return it to where i bought from soon but dilemma cause i need it for hari raya. 

The reason why i actually had to buy new bag and shoe was because i reused my bags for hari raya for the past 2 years and apparently i get really annoyed when i have to stuff another bag in the car just for my make up because my clutch couldn’t fit anything but my phone and lipstick and i guess i have really bad luck with shoes or my feet is constantly growing because every year, either i can’t fit into last year shoe because it is too small or the heel is slanted. 


the best part, everything matches with my Hari raya clothes this year and i am super raya ready! 


love you guys!

Eileen Gillespie - Likes



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