A blessing in disguise

To miss joy,

Thank you

Thank you, thank you for everything and i wish i had a picture of us to post and make this page look pretty but sadly i don’t .

when i first entered counselling, i honestly though that it was going to be a boring mundane module and honestly had no motivation to go through with it until i meet you, the most amazing and heart warming facilitator. Ever since day one, you had always tried to get to know us on a personal level and i am really glad you did.

I am pretty sure that you have impacted majority of us in class in one way or another and i am really grateful that i had you as my teacher because you became a source of motivation for me. You have impacted my life on a very large scale because if i didn’t have met you, i wouldn’t have any goal in life. I was just getting by and making sure i was going to get my diploma but apart from that, i had no other plans for my future but because of your constant encouragement and compliments and how you went on teaching with the lesson, by constantly making us put ourselves in the client shoe, you widen my perceptive and made me think of starting a career in counselling and when we had our talk outside of the class, you made me more encouraged with your words.

Like cheeqs said, counselling is you, miss joy. Someone who helped us through our tough time and making a safe environment for us to let out what we feel and having a facilitator with a human touch who empathize with us really made a huge amount of difference and knowing that you are helping us through our dark times and moving forward with us really made us  motivated us to do well and you are honestly a blessing in disguise.

I feel that in rp, most facilitator has started losing their human touch as i would call it as they don’t bother so much about the student on a personal level but i really am glad that you made the effort because you impacted me and yes, there are tough times during this 15 weeks when things weren’t going my way but knowing that you were there to listen and give encouragement, i felt at peace and was able to slowly overcome it. You have made an environment so safe where your student are comfortable to share anything with you and i enjoy having a conversation with you, miss joy because every time we talk, you motivate me further and open my mind to so much things.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you miss joy. Thank you for teaching us and being there for us when we were going through a tough time and being the most amazing and heart warming person i have ever met and for telling me that i am good enough. you are awesome and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

your truly,

rai 🙂

(ps, i am sorry we lied to you! hehehe. Do forgive us! )


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