rants : girl gamer

Hi guys, sorry for the MIA-ness for the past few weeks. Been busy with hari raya outing and people coming over and of course school. Been such a drag and holla for me cause today was the last day of school. 

Today’s rant is about girl gamers! i love them, like i think they are the coolest people in the world! 

I mean you can beat a guy at their own game or complete a mission as good as the guys and that is so cool and they can go for like more than 10 hours just playing their game with minimal toilet break and the only time i would even face my laptop for more than 8 hours is when I’m doing on-line shopping or watching my drama but i do hate the feminist concept most people have on girl gamers! 

Like a few days ago, i was talking to someone who just completed COD ( call of duty) i think. Even though i didn’t complete the game, i still played it and the conversation went like this. 

Him : oh my god rai, I was up all night playing COD! The game is the bomb. 

Me : Call of duty? Yeah totally. it kept me up all night too. 

Him: Wait, you know what is COD? you play it? 

Me : LIke duh! everyone knows it! 

and he then proceed to start quizzing me on the game and to be honest, i got pissed off because it is so hard to believe that i, a lady, a women, a growing teenager plays COD? 

and after all that quizzing, he invited me to play with him one day. 


There is no way i am going to play with a guy who just judge me! like he is not going to judge me when i play with them and this i know from experience. 

So yeah, i think gamer girls are cool and i’ll show you a chart that will help you identify a proper gamer girl. 

found this on the internet and this is so true!

Lets all be realistic here, gamer girls come in all different shapes and sizes like how guys comes in different size and there are some really pretty gamer girl but if you play with this girl and she doesn’t curse or just go “Don’t hate me cause i play video game ” 

She ain’t a true blue gamer girl. 

True blue gamers curse the shit out of people and for a second there, people would think a demon has possessed our body because the amount of curses are too damn high!

now why do i say this? 

I might not be a very active gamer girl in the sense that i only play games that interest me and most of them are first player shooter game, action, adventure or fighting games like  Dead or Alive series. I would rush home just to play that but i have stepped into a LAN shop to play games like L4D 1 and 2 and i can tell you, i curse like a mother bitch and i still curse after the game is over and I’ll admit it, i have a rather foul mouth when gaming is involved for example 

me : *Cursing to my heart content *

Friends : chill it is just a game. 

Me : Chill?! that mother of a useless bitch just tried to kill me. I’ll slap the living daylight out of him * continues cursing and mumbling to myself  while playing the game* 

My friends were speechless and now i think they have grown use to it because if we play a game all together, they just let me curse or even curse with me and let me cool down before talking about how the game play was. It takes a few minute for me to get out of my gaming zone to my normal less foul mouth state. 

but whatever it is, girl gamer are the bomb and guys should start respecting them because they can whoop your ass and treat them like a fellow gamer as well, not just some random chick who plays video games for attention. Not everyone is like that. 

Love you guys!



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