Hi guys!

you must probably be wondering what in the world does my tittle say!

안녕하세요 is annyeonghaseyo which basically means hello in korean!

How are you guys today?

well in Singapore, it was very hot in the morning till it started raining and we have very thankful for the cooling weather and not the weather that makes us feel like we are being fried.

so whats up with me and the korean or as they call it hangul words?

you see, my aunt just came back from south korea and bought me a few souvenirs and a few food to eat to try as well!

so let’s see what she bought!

20130907_224935  20130907_225442  20130907_225542


i know its nothing much but at least it is something right?

So we went to my grandparents place and my aunt was giving everyone souvenirs and she bought this tea time snack normally found in korean cafe where it is a strawberry covered biscuit ball which was about a palm size and what she told me was normally when you buy it there, they will smash it for you and put it in a bag for you to go and eat it. I wish i knew what it was called so i can show you guys but sadly my aunt doesn’t know the name as well 😦

she also brought korean dried mango which was in a packet and look like any other dried mango but the only difference is, the dried mango are not sweet! they actually tasted a  bit sourish compared to the normal sweet fried mango you’ll find in the Philippines and Malaysia.

So my aunt brought me a shirt with korean words, korean seaweed which i absolutely love and wished i had more, face mask and last earrings!

Fun fact #1 ; i actually took korean classes about a few years back because my main goal was to watch korean drama without subtitles as it is a torture to wait for them sometimes but apparently my plan backfire because expectation always differs from reality like if there was 8 session, we would probably use 4-5 session trying to read words and pronouncing them along with writing them.

Now here is the thing, my pronouncing was given the thumbs up but i can;t say the same for my writing and reading. I was totally horrible at it. My writing looked weird and my reading was slow and i had to write the romanization for me to actually understand the word! now romanization is kinda like the alphabet version of the word where they use ABC and not characters like the ones in my tittle!

Eventually i did get my cert for completing the course but sad enough to say, i still do need subtitles for my drama as i would understand like 10% of it without subtitles and 5% lesser if we are talking about historical drama because they use more of a formal pronunciation compared to the usual informal ones!

Fun fact #2 : I can speak minimal spanish ( my best friend took that up and taught me ) , Basic Bahasa indonesia ( my family has indonesian blood ), very little Japanese ( my aunt is Japanese) and minimal chinese ( because we can? hahah)

I think it is easier if we are born with the language then trying to learn a new one unless you started out young like i was brought up in a malay and english sepaking household so these are my main language but because i have a variety of friends, we have a tendency to pick up some of their words and speak it but if they were to ask us to speak like them, probably not a good idea and even worst when they speak it to you like they think you know it and you just end up standing there like

thats all for now you guys!




what is up in September!

Hi guys!

So as the tittle say, i am i up to in September!

You know sometimes i do think it is easier to just vlog about this because it would be kinda cool and more easier for me but i am a shy person and i do love the sound of my keyboard getting typed on so guess i am going to stick to writing for the mean time 🙂

First and foremost, i actually have started a cafe wordpress with my bestfriend to give review about up and coming Cafe in Singapore and i do hope for my readers support in this! I will give more details once our first post is up 🙂 so be on the lookout for that!

Secondly, I just did some shopping while collecting my altered judo pants!



The plastic bags might look little but its the contents that matter! And i also managed to grab a starbucks drink while running my errands which is in my handy dandy Starbucks Christmas edition ( given as a birthday gift) Tumbler and i would advice you guys to get their Tumbler because you are doing your part to save the earth and you get discounts on your drinks using your tumbler so its is a very good thing!




hahaha! sorry for the outburst but this would be my virgin trip to the F1 because i have never ever in my life gone for any F1 related things because i am not a huge fan and i really don’t get how it works which is the opposite of my best friend ( who i am going with ) who knows everything about F1 so i’ll be counting on her to give me the low down on things! so, i got tickets for the F1 event on friday because i was going to be busy on sat and sun but i wanted to know what was all the hype about in F1 and my best friend wanted to see Bigbang ( Korean group) perform so yeah.  I went for their concert in here in singapore and once is enough i guess but best friend wanted to see them again! and i got to admit the line up for this year entertainment is pretty awesome because we have a mix of local and other countries performer and the ones who people wanted to see would definitely be rihanna, Justin bieber,owl city, bigbang and the killers (My all time favourite! ) so pretty excited to go!

Apart from F1, i would be cafe hunting with best friends aka my girls, visiting the doctors again as i have 2 appointment scheduled this month and judo has started training again and lastly a lot of activity like coastal clean up and some training!

Gonna be pretty busy this september and hopefully it will all pay off in October and i got to start planning for my mom’s birthday surprise because i won’t be here for her birthday and i don’t want her to feel sucky and alone since her only daughter won’t be around for her birthday!

so that is all for now! I do hope that your September will be productive and awesome one and if it was not going the way you want it too, hang loose and keep moving forward because there might be a silver lining in it so stay strong alright 🙂


much love you guys!



I honestly love food, more than i love people and that is no lie!

Food are like the best thing god has created because not only it makes you feel happy, it comes in a variety of flavour and colour and what more!

strawberry shortcake


Meet one of my most favourite cakes, the strawberry shortcake! This is known to be a creamy cake and would probably be the only creamy cake i would gladly eat with cream and all! And the fact that is had alot of strawberry in it is a winner because i love cakes with fruits in it! I actually bought this from a bakery in Tampines named Yamazaki Boulangerie and no regrets! It was super good.

kitkit green tea


While wondering around, my friend saw this gem and i had to try it because i love green tea and a kitkat in that flavour was just begging me to try it and i was glad i bought it! It looked like a normal kitkat except the fact that it was green and tasted like Starbucks green tea frappe! Super yummy and i would total buy again!

20130724_202315  20130724_202450

Now all bought all this food stuff at Daiso! Daiso is known to import japanese goods and food and i had no idea why i bought it in the first place but no regrets here because the can is superly cute and smaller than average can size and they taste so good! I bought orange squash, Milk tea, Grape soda and Grape juice. Only the Grape sode was in a regular can while the rest were smaller and i also bought rainbow sunflower seed! I grew up eating those and could easily finish one pack in a day! I would definitely ask you guys ( to the Singaporean or whoever has Daiso in their country ) to head down and try their range of Japanese drink because it is honestly not that bad and its like 2 can for $2 so its kinda worth it and it is okay to be adventurous sometimes!

Much love,


Haul, haul and more stuff!


This was about 2 month or 3 months ago haul where i treated myself to 3 books and a facial cleansing wipes! I love reading because it is awesome and it really lets your mind wander at every single possibility and you learn better English. So out of these 3 books, i managed to read Ellen Degeneres : Seriously i’m kidding and i loved it! I had always been a huge Fan of her’s and getting to read what was inside her mind was priceless ( except for the price of the book). The book was light hearted, funny and witty. Something totally her and you feel as though she was talking to you in the book and i enjoyed it and would recommend it to you guys who is looking for a light hearted book! I bought facial cleansing wipes because i am lazy especially when i get home late and all i want to do is hit the sack, these help me alot. It is not advisable to sleep with your make up because they clogged your pores and you are bound to find a new pimple the next day so it is recommended to wash your face before bed and cleansing wipes actually does a half decent job at it. They help you wipe off your make up so you can hit the sack faster. I bought this from etude house and i won’t really recommend it to people because it doesn’t really wipe off your make up properly and it makes your face really sticky and very uncomfortable really. My suggestion, try a different range from etude house or other brands.


So about 2 months ago, i decided to buy a foundation for Hari raya because i read online and people reviewed that Foundation often last for sometimes and gives the illusion of better skin and looks more picture perfect so i decided to buy one and i have never used foundation before. All this time, i used BB cream because it was like a tinted sunblock and it felt really light on my skin like a second skin and it blended really well. So because i had limited time, i started looking online because it was cheaper and they deliver to your house and chosen Shu eumura which was a Japanese brand and it had alot of positive review.


It blended really well into my skin and i liked it because my skin didn’t get really shiny after a few hours and i could easily maintain it with compact powder however the foundation is kinda runny and if you use it on its own like that, it would feel really dry on your skin and not at all comfortable unless you have oily skin i guess but what i would recommend would be use a primer or bb cream or even moisturiser before hand and put this foundation on top and Vola! Pretty skin for a picture day!

make up haul    20130808_000632


This was my haul for last month a week before Hari raya! I went shopping at the new shopping mall called JEM which is located beside Jurong MRT station and i love JEM! It is so spacious, big and it has everything there! It’s like the mini orchard road! So what i bought at JEM was Bobbi brown compact powder, Sephora anniversary body scrub and MC lipstick named REBEL. I am the type that would usually buy thing according to recommendation or review because they seem more reliable than my own judgement because apparently i make alot of bad judgement when it comes to make up and ended up having too much stuff till i had to give away because they weren’t my shade or my skin couldn’t handle them and so far, i am loving it! It feels light and it fits my skin tone and after using the powder, my skin looks smooth! I wanted to buy bobbi brown lipstick because i found the perfect shade for me but both shade that was perfect for me was out of stock and i ended buying MAC lipstick because if i don’t use lipstick, people would start asking me if i was sick and lipstick can make a huge difference and give you that awesome pop of colour you need. Sephora body scrub was so yummy smelling that i had to get it and the excuse i gave myself, ” my bodyy scrub was finishing ”

so that is all for now!

much love,


Hello people!

Hello people! I am still alive (amazingly ) and apparently very lazy! 

Yes, you all would have probably known that y now from my lack of post and “I’ll get it done soon ” which i never seem to get too! I do sincerely apologise because as much as i hate to admit it, i am a procrastinator ( amazed that this word actually exist!)

so what is a procrastinator?

someone who put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. 

now i actually have a ton of pictures in my laptop just waiting for your discovery and for the next few post, i will be posting mainly pictures of my haul and other stuff and give some description or comments, whichever makes it easier 🙂

I have not decided to continue my ramadan post but shall finish up the hari raya because i need too and i won’t be doing my adventure post to Indonesia because honestly, the trip was bad. My mom openly dissed my friends and it made things bad and lets not remember the bad past and move along happily with other things that makes you smile or ponder about 🙂

now, i would be honoured if you continue reading the next few post but if you don’t, i understand 🙂

so shall we get started? 

much love,