I honestly love food, more than i love people and that is no lie!

Food are like the best thing god has created because not only it makes you feel happy, it comes in a variety of flavour and colour and what more!

strawberry shortcake


Meet one of my most favourite cakes, the strawberry shortcake! This is known to be a creamy cake and would probably be the only creamy cake i would gladly eat with cream and all! And the fact that is had alot of strawberry in it is a winner because i love cakes with fruits in it! I actually bought this from a bakery in Tampines named Yamazaki Boulangerie and no regrets! It was super good.

kitkit green tea


While wondering around, my friend saw this gem and i had to try it because i love green tea and a kitkat in that flavour was just begging me to try it and i was glad i bought it! It looked like a normal kitkat except the fact that it was green and tasted like Starbucks green tea frappe! Super yummy and i would total buy again!

20130724_202315  20130724_202450

Now all bought all this food stuff at Daiso! Daiso is known to import japanese goods and food and i had no idea why i bought it in the first place but no regrets here because the can is superly cute and smaller than average can size and they taste so good! I bought orange squash, Milk tea, Grape soda and Grape juice. Only the Grape sode was in a regular can while the rest were smaller and i also bought rainbow sunflower seed! I grew up eating those and could easily finish one pack in a day! I would definitely ask you guys ( to the Singaporean or whoever has Daiso in their country ) to head down and try their range of Japanese drink because it is honestly not that bad and its like 2 can for $2 so its kinda worth it and it is okay to be adventurous sometimes!

Much love,




  1. Strawberry shortcake is my favorite cake! The one in your picture looks so good. And I love those green tea kit kats, they taste like white chocolate!

    • yay! finally found someone who like the cake as well! 🙂
      hahah! they were good and yummy strawberry bits! yes yes they do! except they are green in colour and smells like green tea 🙂

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