Haul, haul and more stuff!


This was about 2 month or 3 months ago haul where i treated myself to 3 books and a facial cleansing wipes! I love reading because it is awesome and it really lets your mind wander at every single possibility and you learn better English. So out of these 3 books, i managed to read Ellen Degeneres : Seriously i’m kidding and i loved it! I had always been a huge Fan of her’s and getting to read what was inside her mind was priceless ( except for the price of the book). The book was light hearted, funny and witty. Something totally her and you feel as though she was talking to you in the book and i enjoyed it and would recommend it to you guys who is looking for a light hearted book! I bought facial cleansing wipes because i am lazy especially when i get home late and all i want to do is hit the sack, these help me alot. It is not advisable to sleep with your make up because they clogged your pores and you are bound to find a new pimple the next day so it is recommended to wash your face before bed and cleansing wipes actually does a half decent job at it. They help you wipe off your make up so you can hit the sack faster. I bought this from etude house and i won’t really recommend it to people because it doesn’t really wipe off your make up properly and it makes your face really sticky and very uncomfortable really. My suggestion, try a different range from etude house or other brands.


So about 2 months ago, i decided to buy a foundation for Hari raya because i read online and people reviewed that Foundation often last for sometimes and gives the illusion of better skin and looks more picture perfect so i decided to buy one and i have never used foundation before. All this time, i used BB cream because it was like a tinted sunblock and it felt really light on my skin like a second skin and it blended really well. So because i had limited time, i started looking online because it was cheaper and they deliver to your house and chosen Shu eumura which was a Japanese brand and it had alot of positive review.


It blended really well into my skin and i liked it because my skin didn’t get really shiny after a few hours and i could easily maintain it with compact powder however the foundation is kinda runny and if you use it on its own like that, it would feel really dry on your skin and not at all comfortable unless you have oily skin i guess but what i would recommend would be use a primer or bb cream or even moisturiser before hand and put this foundation on top and Vola! Pretty skin for a picture day!

make up haul    20130808_000632


This was my haul for last month a week before Hari raya! I went shopping at the new shopping mall called JEM which is located beside Jurong MRT station and i love JEM! It is so spacious, big and it has everything there! It’s like the mini orchard road! So what i bought at JEM was Bobbi brown compact powder, Sephora anniversary body scrub and MC lipstick named REBEL. I am the type that would usually buy thing according to recommendation or review because they seem more reliable than my own judgement because apparently i make alot of bad judgement when it comes to make up and ended up having too much stuff till i had to give away because they weren’t my shade or my skin couldn’t handle them and so far, i am loving it! It feels light and it fits my skin tone and after using the powder, my skin looks smooth! I wanted to buy bobbi brown lipstick because i found the perfect shade for me but both shade that was perfect for me was out of stock and i ended buying MAC lipstick because if i don’t use lipstick, people would start asking me if i was sick and lipstick can make a huge difference and give you that awesome pop of colour you need. Sephora body scrub was so yummy smelling that i had to get it and the excuse i gave myself, ” my bodyy scrub was finishing ”

so that is all for now!

much love,



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