Hello people!

Hello people! I am still alive (amazingly ) and apparently very lazy! 

Yes, you all would have probably known that y now from my lack of post and “I’ll get it done soon ” which i never seem to get too! I do sincerely apologise because as much as i hate to admit it, i am a procrastinator ( amazed that this word actually exist!)

so what is a procrastinator?

someone who put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. 

now i actually have a ton of pictures in my laptop just waiting for your discovery and for the next few post, i will be posting mainly pictures of my haul and other stuff and give some description or comments, whichever makes it easier 🙂

I have not decided to continue my ramadan post but shall finish up the hari raya because i need too and i won’t be doing my adventure post to Indonesia because honestly, the trip was bad. My mom openly dissed my friends and it made things bad and lets not remember the bad past and move along happily with other things that makes you smile or ponder about 🙂

now, i would be honoured if you continue reading the next few post but if you don’t, i understand 🙂

so shall we get started? 

much love, 



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