what is up in September!

Hi guys!

So as the tittle say, i am i up to in September!

You know sometimes i do think it is easier to just vlog about this because it would be kinda cool and more easier for me but i am a shy person and i do love the sound of my keyboard getting typed on so guess i am going to stick to writing for the mean time 🙂

First and foremost, i actually have started a cafe wordpress with my bestfriend to give review about up and coming Cafe in Singapore and i do hope for my readers support in this! I will give more details once our first post is up 🙂 so be on the lookout for that!

Secondly, I just did some shopping while collecting my altered judo pants!



The plastic bags might look little but its the contents that matter! And i also managed to grab a starbucks drink while running my errands which is in my handy dandy Starbucks Christmas edition ( given as a birthday gift) Tumbler and i would advice you guys to get their Tumbler because you are doing your part to save the earth and you get discounts on your drinks using your tumbler so its is a very good thing!




hahaha! sorry for the outburst but this would be my virgin trip to the F1 because i have never ever in my life gone for any F1 related things because i am not a huge fan and i really don’t get how it works which is the opposite of my best friend ( who i am going with ) who knows everything about F1 so i’ll be counting on her to give me the low down on things! so, i got tickets for the F1 event on friday because i was going to be busy on sat and sun but i wanted to know what was all the hype about in F1 and my best friend wanted to see Bigbang ( Korean group) perform so yeah.  I went for their concert in here in singapore and once is enough i guess but best friend wanted to see them again! and i got to admit the line up for this year entertainment is pretty awesome because we have a mix of local and other countries performer and the ones who people wanted to see would definitely be rihanna, Justin bieber,owl city, bigbang and the killers (My all time favourite! ) so pretty excited to go!

Apart from F1, i would be cafe hunting with best friends aka my girls, visiting the doctors again as i have 2 appointment scheduled this month and judo has started training again and lastly a lot of activity like coastal clean up and some training!

Gonna be pretty busy this september and hopefully it will all pay off in October and i got to start planning for my mom’s birthday surprise because i won’t be here for her birthday and i don’t want her to feel sucky and alone since her only daughter won’t be around for her birthday!

so that is all for now! I do hope that your September will be productive and awesome one and if it was not going the way you want it too, hang loose and keep moving forward because there might be a silver lining in it so stay strong alright 🙂


much love you guys!



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