how do you?

hello everyone!

if you guys didn’t know who was that, that is Marcus butler and he is a youtuber (YouTube star) with the cutest hello in the world! 

so moving on!

today’s topic would be, 

how do you? 

no wait, let me finish it!

how do you manage to fall for someone who made you cry? 

i know most of you would probably be looking at me like this 

but i’m serious, do you think it is possible? 

now here is what happened to me, 

i went on a trip on the 3rd of October till the 13th of October. it was a school trip to Chiang rai, thailand where is was more to the countryside and their city area is so not like ours, there weren’t any shopping mall at all or at least to the area i went. now, 32 people went with me on this school trip, 2 of the were facilitators or in another word, teacher and we had to sleep in a tent for 6 days 5 nights! 

so on one of the last few days there, this dog followed us from the village back to our camping site. During dinner, there was a few disagreement about the dog staying with us because we were already leaving soon and they rather ask the dog to leave now before it gets hard for the dog and us. so my brilliant friend actually went to kick the dog and it landed on his ribs. the dog actually yelped and look so petrified and at first i glared at him.

“You have to let it go, the longer it will stay, the harder it would be for the dog  ” that what he said and the dog looked me at helplessly and my vision started blurring. i felt really sad and

yes i cried, i quickly got up from my seat and headed to my tent silently crying. you know how one small thing can actually trigger an old memory especially when it is a bad memory? i hate that feeling, i got so scared and cried even harder and it had something to do with dog abuse and a million things went through my mind but what made me kept crying was how helpless i felt when i couldn’t help the dog. I felt really sad i couldn’t protect him. 

i eventually calmed down and told myself to breathe. i was getting too emotional and you know how your emotions are likely to speak before your mind? well mine started telling me how bad he was to kick the dog but thank god my mind tried to reason. i do believe it was unfair to judge someone based on a single action especially when you don’t know the person so well. 

so i told myself to stay away from him for the mean time because i didn’t want to start crying in front of everyone but do i hate that guy?  did i resent him? not at all, i know he wanted to make it easier for the dog and everyone but he just chose a wrong method. 

what made me smile afterwards was when the girls came and comfort me, they told me to stay strong and made me feel better , it made me feel okay 

and how did i come to sort of in a way like him after he made me cry? 

it happen the next day, we were at a shop and my plan was to stay away from him till he stood next to me and started talking and when you finally see someone with a clear mind, you realize things about him and i just like looking at him from then on. there was something about him. 

so that was my story and i am sorry if it got boring but to make it up, here is a picture of Marcus butler being all yummy! hehhehe


alright bye guys!

much love, 




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