Being alone and enjoying it.

Hello guys!

i know i haven’t blogged in such a long time and i have something on my mind that i wish to share with you guys!

People when given a choice, they won’t want go shopping themselves, they won’t want to anywhere or do anything themselves because they can’t bring themselves to do it. They fear they would be deemed as lonely or friendless or something along the line. Most people i know actually fear doing things alone as they feel they don’t have a life and they hate it. 

well to me, being alone does not mean you do not have a life, it means you are not using that time for yourself properly. The misconception of having someone around you all the time is a bad one and it is a cycle that is hard to break from especially when you are used to having someone doing things with you. 

what if you don’t have anyone to do it with you, what do you do then? 

do you postpone your plans till someone eventually does it with you or you sum up all your courage and do things yourself?

i actually like being alone because i can do so much for me and myself like reading my books or comics, watching my drama and having me time, having a specific period of time where i can do things that i want, things that make me very happy like reading, playing games, finishing up my errands and just chilling like a cat. tucked in bed and feeling content with myself. 

i am not saying having friends with you all the time is a bad thing and being alone all the time is good as well. Everyone needs someone at some point of time and i won’t deny that but we need to strike a balance in between them as being with your friends, you can to spend time and know each other more but also being alone, you get to enjoy life’s little perks like making new friends or discovering how peaceful painting, reading or even an evening stroll is. 

Being around your friends is an important as having your own me time where you are free to do things you really enjoy or want to do. 

now if you are alone, close your eyes and relax. think about the autumn breeze and how beautiful the leaves have turned into. think about yourself sitting on a park bench or even at the beach or at the comfort of your own home watching the sunset. you are alone right now and i hope you can see how beautiful life can get when you have a me time

that is all for now my readers. 


love you guys!

and here is some cute gif for you~



  1. I am married and have four kids (give me some aloneness pleeeease!!) and am quite sociable, but all of my interests tend to be solitary pursuits:walking, reading, writing, listening to music. Guess its about balance.
    Oh, thanks for the cute gifts 🙂

    • Hello there! Thank you so much for taking time to read my post. It means alot and you are welcome on the cute gifs!

      Yes, it seems balance is important in our daily life 🙂

      • Thank you and i hope you have a great day today!

        Well wishes from sunny litte island, singapore! 🙂

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