To a dear, SCP

SCP is the name i shall use to type this letter to my friend. 

Now she has a beautiful name, Shirley Cassandra. 

i honestly have never met anyone with such a unique name, it is might uncommon but her name is beautiful, just like the person. she has a kind heart and she is one of those people who you can easily talk too and just have a jolly good time with. 

but like everyone else, there are days where she has fallen and she feels alone even when she has people with her, she feels sad and feels like she is losing her friends and that can make anyone upset and i just want to say to her, 

you are just fine the way you are, there is nothing wrong with you and stop worrying about things. life is short and beautiful for us to worry about little stuff. 

“You never know what’s around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain.” 
― Tom Hiddleston

yes, shit happens, things messed up, relationship gets distant but keep moving on because you can, because you are able too, because you still have people who care about you and i am pretty sure they won’t stop caring. 

i know there are times where we don’t talk much and i can give you 101 excuses to why but it will never mean that i will stop caring about your well-being because you are an amazing person. 


you can do anything and this just doesn’t go out to her but to everyone who is having a rough time, we are all travellers in this life. Our journey are made from the decisions we make and by those choices we make, we meet people and we lose people along the way but fret not, every memory can be a lesson learnt or a beautiful past and we will never stop making wonderful memories. 

so chin up and smile, 

things are always going to bring you down but you just have to let go and tell yourself, 

“if i have done for best for them and that is good enough for me because i know i tried ” 


love you guys!



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