it’s a fandom : Elementary

Hello readers! 

How are you guys on this lovely day? 

Because of the time difference, it might either be Friday or Saturday depending which part of the world you guys are at and i just want to say HAPPY WEEKENDS!

Now you guys can choose to get the party started or be like me, downloading all my dramas latest episode and curl up and just take a break! 

Elementary has hit a season 2 and so far, i have been loving all their episodes. 

However when i went to Google some information up, i seem more people expressing their displeasure about Elementary. 

Like example, Joan Watson is a women when she is suppose to be a man, 

they feeling like its ruining their famous bromance known to all. 


I still do not get how Joan Watson being a women instead of a man is a big deal. 

I actually quite like elementary because it offers a different perceptive to a very well known character, Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick, John Watson. The difference in it offers like a fresh breathe of air, yes i agree some people are really hardcore fans and do not like the change but why not? For me, the main thing about elementary is how Sherlock builds his relationship with the people around him and it is quite comical especially when we have Joan Watson who is a strong female character going against Sherlock on how he treats people. Seeing their dog and cat relationship makes you think of you and your best friend and i really do like Jamie Moriarty. She might not be as scheming as Moriarty is BBC Sherlock but she is still as classy and i like the way she brings herself. We are drawn to things we do not understand. 

Now, people always compare BBC Sherlock and Elementary and humans compare, there is nothing to it. I do believe BBC Sherlock who is played by the ever so handsome Benedict cumberbatch do capture the essence of the actual Sherlock Holmes very well as compared to Johnny lee miller but i still do love johnny lee miller on how quirky he is with the people around him and how his relationship with Joan Watson and Jamie Moriarty plays out. The difference in variation of having BBC all male lead trio as compared to Elementary 1 man 2 lady lead is rather appealing in both ways. 

I do however wish that Joan Watson and Sherlock will end up together because society has always taught us that no man and women can ever just be friends especially when they need each other and that is what i want out of Elementary especially when we all can see how much Joan really means to Sherlock!

Alright, till here my rants shall go on, 

Happy weekends everyone!




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