Having a pet

I know i have been away for too long but i am here now with a troubling issue in mind.

Now before we start, how are you guys doing? It has been such a long time and i hope you weekend is going great, in Singapore, it is Currently the CHINESE NEW YEAR and it is kinda like the malay’s version of HARI RAYA. Same same but the difference is they have lion dance but the rest is pretty much the same, they do visiting and get visiting money from those married and the elderly and get to eat alot of yummy food as well.

anyway hello guys!

yes, a little cheeky but don’t you think it is so adorable? I want a minion now!

anyway, i was busy browsing through the internet and weirdly found a lot of people giving up their pets because their kids are allergic, they can’t take care of it any more and animal abuse is seriously more known to the public then it should be because people are boldly taking pictures of it and posting it on facebook, one of the largest social website there is and to me, it is actually a good thing because people who abuse their pet and boldly shows it off to the whole world deserve to feel the burn of the people and allow the animal to be rescued earlier.

I really don’t like the idea of people giving away their pet because it is your responsibility and they are not toys where when you are done with them, you can chuck it to the corner. They need care, love , attention and time but in the end, it really is a way better idea then ditching their pets at the lonely roadside and never coming back for them.

i was actually on 9gag when i found thought i would share it with everyone especially those who want to get pets in the future,


These 10 commandments is not only for dogs but also for every other pets there is whether it is fish, cats, bunnies, anything that can be a pet. One of the things that future pet owners or even those who don’t own pet are greatly mistaken about is the time spent with these animal or as i shall call it, time investment because at the end of the day, the investment will show whether you made a loss or a gain. A lot of people believe that they feed the pet, play with it, bring it for walks and they are done but it is so much more than that. The amount of time invested in your animal will yield results such as if you invest very little time with your pet, they will pretty much do not want to be around you but if you invest a good portion of you time, your pet will love you dearly. I’m not saying you have to spend 10 hours but an hour will do just fine, just to play with them, talk to them, carry them around and give plenty of hugs and kisses.

As a cat owner, i have invested my whole life and the results i get is amazing. My cat sleeps with me every night, he responds when i call him, he knows my voices, greets me when i come home and gives licks as well which i don’t particularly fancy cause cats tongue are like sharp brushes and please do not start believing that having a pet is a walk in the park, there are going to be days where your pet will get on your nerve and makes you want to scream but there is really a fine line between disciplining an animal and abusing them. Disciplining an animal is carried out firmly and calmly and it can be done verbally as well and not by screaming at them angrily and hitting them with objects till they are cowering in the corner and literally shaking so hard or throwing your pet into the wall till they break their bones. That just showed me you are a crazy ass bitch and you deserve to rot in hell. Animals are born with instinct but human are born with brain.

Whatever emotion you throw at an animal, it will throw them back at you but stronger just like when you are dealing with a human. You cannot fight fire with fire, one has to be the water for things to mellow down. It goes the same with animals as well, they act on instinct and you shouldn’t act on emotions.

People have pets because they want companionship but they tend to forget this after they get caught up in their lives with their family, friends and social including work life. To a pet, you are their whole world and that could be one of the reasons why they get so excited to see you or get very vocal when you speak to them because their world, their mommy and daddy are home and they just can’t wait to be with you and try to imagine, being apart from your love ones for more than 8 hours a day, won’t you be excited to see them but imagine how sad they must have felt when you just give them a single pat and walk away, like you are brushing them off, in a way like how your crush brush you aside. Animals have feels that sometimes people overlook.

So people, fellow readers and fellow friends, before you get a pet, consider the amount of time you can invest in the pet, consider how often can you be with them, if you really are busy but you badly want a pet, start with something small like fishes or terrapins where they don’t need as much time invested and slowly grow from there. Parents with kids who want pets, i suggest fostering an animal first or helping out at local shelter to see if your child is aright with it because kids have generally lower immune system and it would be painful for the family to suddenly give up their pet and for local shelter trying to house abandon pet, it is tough and traumatic for the animal as well. There is nothing wrong with fostering an animal because you can teach your kids a lot of stuff to prepare them for their own when the time is right, for people who want pets , please do your homework to see what kind of animal fits your lifestyle because different animal and breed have different needs and if you can’t commit long term, help out at local shelter or foster one. Having a pet will never go according to plan but as long as you are willing to put in the effort, there will always be a way.

Image Image

and this is my baby who is turning 12 this year and has been a huge part of the family. Taking care of a pet is a family effort really and he has a huge chunk of my heart.

before i end this off, i would like to thank everyone for reading and remember, pets are our companion for life, they grow old as we do and we should be committed to them as how committed we are to someone or something we love. Do adopt instead of buying because a lot of local shelter are having a hard time trying to keep all the animals.




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