Am i going on an adventure like bilbo baggins?

Well, actually no. I am sadly not going on an adventure like bilbo baggins but at least i am going somewhere? 

anyway, hey guys! how are you? I know it has been a long time but i do hope everyone is well. My day started well in fact! 

In school, there was this festival called the Jive festival. Now this festival consist of booth set up by student who sells things like food ( cupcake, chocolate, brownie, ice cream etc) to them selling clothes and a photo booth and all these profit goes to the school needy student fund for unprivileged kids who have signed up for this scheme. The aim of this needy fund for the student is to supply them with daily pocket money so that they can afford to eat in school and to buy essentials needed for school. 

Now since one of my friend were manning the stall and to be exact, AN ICE CREAM STALL which was from marble slab creameary ( a top selling ice cream parlour in singapore that sells unique ice cream such as birthday cake, red velvet, cotton candy and so on).  i knew i had to get something and bought a salted caramel ice cream because i am hopelessly obsessed with salted caramel and ice cream and it came with a free topping that range to fruity pebbles to oreo pieces and rainbow sprinkles. Now this is a hard decision, even though it says free topping, you can’t put everything because the ice cream flavour should not be overpowered and so i decided to put rainbow sprinkles. 



Nothing says oh happy days like sweet rainbow sprinkles. 

Now back to the topic, i have a lil poem for all of you, or something like a poem. Hehe

Have you ever wanted to see the world in a different way? 
To feel that freedom, running through your fingertips, 
Like how the wind is running through your hair? 
To feel the heat of the sun on your face and to see the night sky at its brightest? 

To see the stars singing is to feel my heart beating, 
To see fire dancing, just like my passion
They say a man lives a thousand lives when he reads
But to someone who travel, a thousand tales are told

I am wanderlust, By the beauty of the world, 
By the things i see
And by the things i feel. 
Nothing can take away this moment when i surrender my heart to the lust. 
Tales shall be told and love shall bloom. 

I am a wanderlust, just like bilbo baggins and walter mitty
We are one of the same, the need for adventure, the need to see the world
So sell you heart to the world, it has so much to offer you. 

well, i do hope you guys will enjoy my little poetry and have a great week you guys!


PS, i do know walter mitty only set out for the world to track the phototgrapher down but he had gained so much from seeing the world and i want to be like that. 

P.s.s, i wanted to put bilbo baggins and his nephew frodo but i realized frodo didn’t set out to see the world, he set out to destroy the ring. Oh well. 


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