don’t be happy

He sips on his coffee while i look in distaste

every part of me detest this man, this horrible man
It wasn’t enough that he broke my heart but now, 
asking me out for coffee and pretending nothing ever happened.

Asking me how was my day like and how my family was
i rolled my eyes and told him it was none of his business and watch him smile
saying he missed my family
don’t you dare smile, i thought
it seemed he must have forgotten, 

the day he was in another women’s arm
the day where he chose her over me, without hesitation
The day when he said i was predictable and boring

How dare he not remember anything, 
i folded my arm and looked at him. 
” You call me predictable and boring, ” I said with a raised eyebrow.
How insulting. 
” Forget what i said, i was drunk ” he said touching his coffee mug and quickly taking a sip. 
” If i remember correctly, we broke up while you were driving and you didn’t seem drunk ” I said rolling my eyes 
and got up before sitting on the side of his chair and leaned in. 

” It seems you have forgotten breaking my heart, this must be a joke ” i whispered into his ear while pulling his neck tie
” you still want me, ” He said smugly

I looked into his eyes and smiled sweetly. 
And just as i planned, that women walked in and screamed at him. 
I took a step back and watch the drama unfold. 
i smirk to myself and looked at him. 
“She planned this, ” He said trying to defend himself. 
” How can a boring and predictable girl like me plan anything ” I said sweetly and smirked. 
she left in anger and i took a step forward and tilted his chin so his eyes met mine. 
” You are such a joke, you left me without hesitation and looks like she will be doing the same. This is karma” I said to him
And before i left, i turned for the last time,
” if you are going to treat people this way, don’t be happy, don’t ever be happy”

and with that, i walked off with a smile on my face. 

Hey guys,

Thanks for reading and credit to tumblr as always for the awesome Gif that i found and while looking through all the coffee images, i have this feeling i might get myself Starbucks coffee tomorrow and find the right gif for this little poem was important because i wanted it to carry a certain feel to it. 

anyway have a great week, 




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