So let’s try this!

Did you guys know that a song can actually bring about a lot of feeling? 

Well, i’m pretty sure we all know that like sad songs bring out the worst and saddest memories, 

The happy songs makes us smile and think about something special

while other songs like reggae, makes us just wanna move our body. 

But for me, it’s a little different. 

Hearing the beats of the song makes me visualize a certain scenario and it builds up from there

so let’s try this~

I will be putting up a song and i will be trying to write a short poem and see if the song goes with the feels. 

WARNING : this might not be a perfect flow since it is my first time doing such so i have warned you guys. 

So the first song would be a korean song involving all 3 of my most favourite guys with their newest song, Metronome!

Gray, Simon D and JAY PARK!  Hugely talented and they are awesome rap artist who i have been following ( When i have the chance too ), and most of all, they produced great music and the beat is great too!

And since it is a Korean song, i will be putting the MV with Subs so we can all understand as most of us aren’t very proficient in Korean since we are not native south Koreans even though i do pick up a few words from watching their drama! heheh. 

i slumped into the corner and turn on my ipod,
Hoping to get lost in the music
the fights were taking a toll
we were both screaming but none of us were listening. 

Being with him was driving me crazy.
The way we love, we loved hard, fast, hot and heavy.
there was nothing constant except for Our fights

Our fights were constant,
The phrase ” Let’s break up ”
We both heard it all the time but every time,

Every time we  kiss, we were suddenly okay again but in truth, 
we were just avoiding the topic, the fight, the heartache. 

” Baby, we need a Metronome
  When you’re fast, i’m slow, we’re off tempo baby
  Metronome, we’re not in sync, why are we always off baby? 
 We need it right now, we need a metronome, ” 

and with that, i buried my face in my arm. 

What was i going to do now. 

And i shall end it at that,
now i am a little doubtful of the poem especially the last line as i’m not sure if i wanted to continue from there
But if anyone has any suggestion, i am open to it and will gladly improvise it

Jay is really too cute! 

and with that, support these talented guys and have a great week you guys! 



Ps, for those who don’t know what metronome means ( like me), it is 

a device used by musicians that marks time at a selected rate by giving a regular tick.

and it looks like this, 


so now we know! 




Hey guys, sorry for the long non update but i am back! hahah. 

i actually have nothing much to say but there is going to be a few slight changes because this blog will soon be co-owned with my friend Fifa! Now she will be blogging about her life, her food adventure and her recipe as she does cook unlike me who does it when the moment comes and forgets the recipes later on. 

now, people will want to know who blogs who and probably we might end off with our initial like either R. or F. or either, we might have to start revealing our faces! hahah, i might not be ready for that but if it makes it easier for everyone, well why not right? 

and another thing, i am hooked on supernatural! i finished 17 episode is 2 days and i can’t wait for the next episode. I am such a fan of Crowley and dean ( just look at his jawline!!),  both of them should really be best friend! and possibly cass, he has this handsome dreamy look! 

so now we are done with out update, 

let’s start with something to talk/ think about : words. 

Words have various means and uses like making a sentences, putting meaning into them and also having an impact on people. Words can break or motivate someone and can potentially ruin the person as well. it is tough because sometimes, we don’t mean what we say and we do not know the impact it has because to us, it might be normal but to someone else, it could be hurtful. 

Like for example, i swear a lot with the people closes to me because that is who i am, that is how i express most of my emotion and probably that is the only one i still manage to look tough and not vulnerable and not bothered and i always tell myself i should stop but it slips out all the time. 


but these are not those kind of words that hurt someone, this is what i call the conversational swearing. When we open our mouth, the swear words come out. 

Words that potentially ruin someone are calling them worthless and useless, calling them a burden and an irritant. These words will stick with the person till the day he pass away, he will never forget it. why? because simply, we are human, we believe most of the thing that people tell us when they are in anger or in upset and a lot of people don’t realize how bad it can get. Telling a person how useless they are can eventually sink them into depression and when the other party knows about it, their defence, 

“I was just kidding man, you aren’t that bad” 

and you honestly think the person will believe, no sweets, you can repeat those words for a thousand time and he will only remember you calling him useless and worthless. 

it goes the same for a good compliment, if you tell someone how awesome they are, anything bad that has happened that day will just vanish because being appreciated is one of the best feeling in the world, knowing someone appreciate you for your work and is thankful for it, what more can you ask for. Even a simple thank you can turn someone’s day around. 

and with that, be careful of your words when you are speaking to someone. It is very hard to realize what comes out of our mouth when we are angry but if you make an effort, the damage won’t be irreversible and the person might not feeling like shit. I know there are moments when you ask someone to do a simple task yet they screw that up. I get how annoying it must be but take a deep breathe and tell them everyone makes mistake and try motivating them, encouraging them because who knows with constant motivation, they just might turn around and do a better job! 

words just as knowledge are a very powerful thing. 

and with that, 

xoxo you guys! 



Have a great weekend you guys!