wedding? Career? Say whatttttt!

Hey guys, its been a long time! 

Lately over the past few days or more like ever since i turned 21, people have started asking me about my career option, what do i want to become, when was i going to get married, how many kids do i want, what kind of guy do i want to marry? 

and i am sitting there like 

First thing first,  i am 21 not 25 so asking me about marriage is a bit too early. I know that in Asian culture, by the time you turn 21, you are heading into marriage but that’s not the case for me! I don’t even have anyone to call my own so what more plan for a wedding. My mom got married when she was 21 and my grandma got married when she was 16 i think? My friend got engaged at 20 and I’m here like congrats to everyone and may you guys have a blissful marriage but i hate it when people start asking me when i want to get married because i literally have no plans to marry anyone till i am 27- 28 because i feel like now is the age for me to do what i want, to study what i want and just to enjoy my single-hood before being tied down with someone for the rest of my life. 

next thing is, i have no idea what i want to become and am exploring all my option right now so stop telling me which job pays the most because i honestly don’t care. I don’t care if you son is earning a few thousand and what not because i want a job that keeps me active, that i really like and don’t have to drag my feet to work. A job that is fulfilling to me and it makes me fill like i am making a difference. When i was young, yes, pay is important because we all wanted to live an easy life but as i grow older, money is important but having a job that you truly enjoy is much more important as i said it before, your career will be your lifestyle. Why would i want a job that pays well but makes me feel so bored, anxious and depressed. 

and lastly, 

Stop promoting me your son because i sure as hell don’t care about him and have no real interest in him. I mean, yeah he might be cute but i don’t really need a full out report about his work, his plans, his lifestyle and whatever not because relationship and marriage are the last thing on my mind and judging from what i can see, he is either gay or is already in a relationship so HUSH!

This really applies a lot to older people as majority of the wedding i go to, they will always ask when is it my turn to get married and i feel like saying ” When is it your turn to enter the grave ” because it is annoying and i mean it’s okay if you ask me once but  older people like to repeat the same question in the short span of 20 min and i really rather be stuffing my face with food and not be answering your questions. 

I shall end my post here and Good night you guys! 





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sorry for the super long MIA. 

I am actually on intern right now and the work life is really really routine. Doing the same things over and over again and honestly, i haven’t had any social life since i started my intern. I go to work then straight away go home because i am mentally drained and i don’t wish to stay longer. 

And in Singapore, right now IT IS A SATURDAY! And i spent my weekends lazying around and finally catching up on my Supernatural tv series and i had just finished the last episode of the season and my verdict, I KNEW IT, I FUCKING KNEW IT! I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN! DAMN CROWLEY. 

so for those who follow the series like me, it is intense. The last episode was super intense and it was so good although my heart was breaking when god -wannabe metatron stabbed Dean


and when Sam was trying to save Dean after he was stabbed. It was emotional because ever since the start of Season 9, both Sam and Dean have been in less desirable position and been bickering at each other but to see Sam trying his best to save dean and Dean telling him “I am proud of us “, you begin to realize, family is still family. No matter how many times you screw up, they are still there to catch you like Sam and Dean. No matter how much they fight and hate each other, they still deeply care for one another. 

And this is how i felt like for both scenes, 


But  when it reached to the ending, i can’t say i was surprised, somehow to me, it was kinda expected seeing how much Crowley likes dean, it was bound to happen. I mean we all know how shady Crowley is and how he didn’t tell dean the full story about Cain and the Mark itself and what it does but you have to give this man credit for his probably most inspiring monologue. 


He might not be a liar but he is def a sneaky little bastard and a charming one at that and i think the greatest omg factor would be now that dean is a knight from hell ( well, i am guess he took the place of Cain ), what will happen to dean and Sam? Will Sam hunt Dean now? What about Castial and Dean? I mean, i ship both of them as much as i ship Dean and Crowley but this is getting complicated and what if they are following the story about Cain and Abel? Now, i am a Muslim so i know nothing about it apart from the explanation from the show and what if dean is Cain and Sam is Abel? Does this mean Dean is going to kill mas just to save him? 

Oh god, so many question and what about castial? Season 10 is only going to premier in OCTOBER 10. 

And for those of you who says ” ITS JUST A SHOW, WHY ARE YOU SO EMOTIONAL ” 

well the thing is, even if the show is only one or two season or maybe as much as supernatural which is currently in the end of its 9th season, it becomes a second nature to you. It becomes your escape, your ecstasy. When we watch this shows, they become a part of us because we dedicated all those time watching it, feeling what they feel. There is a connection there and i know this might be hard to understand for those who don’t understand this fandom life and i don’t blame you guys. Everyone has a different escape and this is just ours. 

so i’ll end by post here and have a great weekend you guys!