wedding? Career? Say whatttttt!

Hey guys, its been a long time! 

Lately over the past few days or more like ever since i turned 21, people have started asking me about my career option, what do i want to become, when was i going to get married, how many kids do i want, what kind of guy do i want to marry? 

and i am sitting there like 

First thing first,  i am 21 not 25 so asking me about marriage is a bit too early. I know that in Asian culture, by the time you turn 21, you are heading into marriage but that’s not the case for me! I don’t even have anyone to call my own so what more plan for a wedding. My mom got married when she was 21 and my grandma got married when she was 16 i think? My friend got engaged at 20 and I’m here like congrats to everyone and may you guys have a blissful marriage but i hate it when people start asking me when i want to get married because i literally have no plans to marry anyone till i am 27- 28 because i feel like now is the age for me to do what i want, to study what i want and just to enjoy my single-hood before being tied down with someone for the rest of my life. 

next thing is, i have no idea what i want to become and am exploring all my option right now so stop telling me which job pays the most because i honestly don’t care. I don’t care if you son is earning a few thousand and what not because i want a job that keeps me active, that i really like and don’t have to drag my feet to work. A job that is fulfilling to me and it makes me fill like i am making a difference. When i was young, yes, pay is important because we all wanted to live an easy life but as i grow older, money is important but having a job that you truly enjoy is much more important as i said it before, your career will be your lifestyle. Why would i want a job that pays well but makes me feel so bored, anxious and depressed. 

and lastly, 

Stop promoting me your son because i sure as hell don’t care about him and have no real interest in him. I mean, yeah he might be cute but i don’t really need a full out report about his work, his plans, his lifestyle and whatever not because relationship and marriage are the last thing on my mind and judging from what i can see, he is either gay or is already in a relationship so HUSH!

This really applies a lot to older people as majority of the wedding i go to, they will always ask when is it my turn to get married and i feel like saying ” When is it your turn to enter the grave ” because it is annoying and i mean it’s okay if you ask me once but  older people like to repeat the same question in the short span of 20 min and i really rather be stuffing my face with food and not be answering your questions. 

I shall end my post here and Good night you guys! 




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