working in a hospital part 1

So for the past 4 months since 21st April 2014 till 18th August, i was away, slogging my guts out for attachment at one of the most well-known hospital in Singapore. 

With a peanut pay of $450 a month and doing as much or even more then what a full timer was doing, i actually feel thankful getting the experience that has opened my eyes regarding the healthcare industry, 

the first month i was there, i had to learn how to do appointments which was pretty ridiculous as i had no idea how the whole hospital works, let alone the clinics but they provided me with a fact sheet with each doctor’s name and specialty and what they see and i guess it was not working out as they sent me one of their clinic to learn how the system works and my face was pretty much like this the whole one month plus i was there


Cause i pretty much did not understand anything and the worst part was when my manager told me i had to pick up phone calls and i hate my job from then on because i had no idea what was going on and you’re telling me to do appointments, change appointment and check for blood test and what do they mean.


it’s pretty hard when they don’t teach you the basic and then suddenly throwing you into the pits of hell and let you escape only to be dragged back in. I had such a hard time i was basically sinking into depression but thank god i had a support system and after it becomes a routine, you finally feel comfortable and confident you can do it on your own. 

coming to the 2nd month, we had a meeting and i was sent to one of the clinic to learn there and i was pretty excited because finally i was out of that hell hole but surprise surprise, i still had to go up there and cover people who went missing, Normally i would just do my job and leave because i swear some of the patients i encounter was enough to drive me crazy like for example, 

i had this patient who kept changing his appointment and complains that he has not enough medication,. SO what we normally do is we speak to the doctor and ask for a repeat prescription however the doctor to see him first as he does not want to give anymore medication. i  conveyed the massage and this patient started throwing a hissy fit because doctor does not want to give any more medication. 


And apparently that was not the worst, i had this one irritating patient whose appointment was at 9am and he called saying he was going to be late when it was already at 10am. I told him it was too late and offered to give the earliest appointment which was on the following Monday but he said he couldn’t and insisted to see Doctor on that day all because his MC was running out and he wanted another MC 

i had no idea what to say and told him i will check with the clinic and doctor and while i was on the other line, he put down the phone and i was so pissed off. I mean we always try to understand your situation but sometimes, its ridiculous, 

anyway, back to the story, i went to one of the clinics and i really learn how to deal with case notes and registration but most of the time, i was busy covering people. 

anyway, till here for now, 

i will continues the second and final part of my story in the next post, 

xoxo you guys, 




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