working in a hospital part 2

I am back! 

with part 2 of my hospital’s story and adventures! 

anyway continuing where i left off, 

on my third month there, we had another meeting and i was sent to the skin clinic to learn and i really loved that clinic, the people there are amazing, friendly and really helpful but of course i can’t say the same for the Doctors and patients as well. 

i worked in the clinic for 3 1/2 days and the other 1 1/2 days i had to cover my colleague in the appointment line once more and i was not bothered anymore like how i was at first because having the practice and knowledge, it does give you a booster and makes you more confident with what you are doing even though you will encounter patient’s from hell. 

while i was in the skin clinic, i had this one patient who was horrible, very horrible. The patient was a young boy probably born in 1994 and he came with a skin condition and he walked in to the clinic which we strongly not advice too because you will get no subsidy and you have to pay more and you wait longer but people have this misconception that they will get service faster but that’s not the case as doctors might not even want to see you or if they do see you, you will be seen last as they have their own patients they would like to see first. 

So he came in and we explained about the charges he will have to pay and he said he was okay however he apparently did not discuss it with mommy dearest and she came at us with a hissy fit about the additional cost and the waiting time even though we already told the son. it literally pissed off all of us because we already explained to your son and here you are screaming at us why we didn’t tell you. 

Thank god it managed to get resolve with all of us potentially hating you but yes, the clinic was peaceful after that and not long after that, i had the pleasure of speaking to another women who was horrible and possible illiterate as well. 

i just picked up her call to find her blasting at me for god knows what reason. I mean i understand your frustration of getting transferred from one line to another but excuse me, i have no idea who the hell are you and what you are screaming about. 

So apparently this lady was angry that she choose to change Doctor and no one has gotten back to her request about it and i told her i will find out what was going on and called the Doctor assistant and she told me she has conveyed the message to the Doctor and so far there was no response. 

I told the patient that the message was already conveyed to the Doctor and i told her she had to give us more time because Doctor will need to think and talk to the other Doctor about it and you know what she said to me ” I DON’T CARE WHAT THE DOCTORS ARE DOING, I JUST WANT AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE OTHER DOCTOR AS I SAID, I HAVE NOTHING WITH THE NOW DOCTOR BUT I WOULD PREFER TO SEE THE DOCTOR IN THE MORNING ” 

And i told her i fully understand but she needs to give us time as the Doctors will need to sort it out, without the current Doctor permission, i am unable to give you an appointment with the Doctor you want and she went total bitch on me and said ” ARE YOU ILLITERATE OR SOMETHING BECAUSE I SURE HOPE YOU AREN’T BECAUSE IT SEEMS YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING ” 

it was then i had quite enough of her and told her to let me check with the Doctors and put down the phone. She was totally rude and ignorant and not to mention giving us a name that was not in her Identification card which made it so hard for us to find her and the most ironic part, she is a teacher, 

If i was not working, i would have totally snapped and told her ” you say you are a teacher but the ways you act is not of one, i get how angry you are having to be transferred all over but that does not give you the right to be rude as shit and calling me illiterate when i have been telling you that we need the doctors permission and apparently you can’t understand that “

But ironically, i had to sucked up everything and started the countdown to freedom. 

on to the next part! 




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