So yesterday on the 30th, I was scrolling through my instagram and people were posting about National Cat day which made me go

Then i went like this,


Because on that day, i actually went grocery shopping for my cat like literally i bought him a lot of food and a supplement in the form of a treat.


So yes, i bought him cans food and a new brush ( Probably because i lost the old one,) and i bought his a supplement and my cat actually like this brand a lot and he gets super excited when i bring it out and he keeps asking for more but it is a supplement so it is limited to 12 bites and i would recommend this to any cat owner who has trouble finding supplement treats for their babies.

They are easily found at Pet lovers center so yeah and lastly,


Happy National Cat day, Grumpy baby!

I know i annoy you with my constant kisses and hugging but i love you that much and i am more than willing to drop the whole world for you because you helped me through so much when i was young and having you for the past 12-13 years, it has been amazing and i would never trade you for anything in the world. Growing old with you has been the best times of my life and i am going to keep taking care of you till the end of time because you are my baby and i am never going to give you up nor give you away and i am going to keep snuggling you when you have your dreams,  I love you so much white socks

and last to those reading my post, if you have pets, give them a hug and a kiss from me to them and a hug for yourself, you are doing an amazing job and please never give up on your pets, you are their whole world!



Anyone want a cup corn? hahaha

Toodle dee you guys!





Hey guys! In Singapore, it is finally October 31st which means

but this has got to be my favourite



Finally but that would also mean i’ll probably be scheduling posts for the whole of next week and


God, i love the October, November and December, It is the wonderful season of pumpkin spice latte in the European/ American and for me, that is when all my favorite drama has a new season and what more could i want.

Anyway that is all i would probably want to update and Stay Scary you guys!

“Larry, seriously Larry?! i told you not to run around spooking people, ”

“But it’s Halloween, i deserve my freedom!”

“Urgh, Fine”


Toodle dee you guys!



Throwback mo back : Tragic vase

So let’s retrace back to the the 8th of October which was about 2 weeks ago?

Life was good then, my mom’s birthday was approaching and i had gotten her present ready which made me excited cause i couldn’t wait for her to see the ring. I was excited and we had decided to go to Johor the day just to relax and ended up eating at this cafe named Cookies and Ginger which we have been here before and the food was amazing!

We shall start with my favorite drink which is VANILLA COKE! i swear this is the sex and yes i know how high in sugar and unhealthy it is but come on, its VANILLA COKE!




These are known as buffalo wings and i have to admit how finger licking it is. Cookie & Ginger offer 3 level of spiciness and i could only last the 2nd level before my tongue caught on flame.


Rib eye steak anyone?

Soft and tender, medium well done i suppose


Fried salmon?

So my mom and dad both took Fried salmon and it was delicious and i was stealing bits and piece till i got the Salmon belly which nearly made me puke because it was not cooked properly and it smelt so fishy that i gagged on the taste and nearly puked it all out but apart from that, everything was good.

So we went home and i was watching top gear when we heard this loud noise but we didn’t bother checking which was our mistake and guess what greeted me the next morning,



can you imagine how shocked we all were and obviously frighten because such things has never happened before and to know someone actually got the cheek to throw one of my mom’s vase and kindly note we live at the corner house and it could not be that a cat came and pushed it off because they like to sleep on it or someone accidentally tipped it because it is impossible.

The only thing we could do was report to the police and so far it has been peaceful but of course my mom is traumatize of the incident and is quite cautious when coming home late.

So that’s about it for now,

Toodle dee you guys!



Throwback : Japan goodies

So earlier this year, My friends went on a school trip to Japan, Fukoka if i am not mistaken and i was super jealous because i have always wanted to go to Japan but i couldn’t because everyone has their own reason so the next best thing i could do was ask them to bring back some stuff for me.



Yam Flavored Kit Kat!


The usual Strawberry Flavored Kit Kat,

so one important thing that i told my friend to get was a Japanese good luck charm because i saw some of them online and they looked amazing and she did get me one although i wishes i had told her to buy more,



She had gotten me this Sakura bell because of the sakura season and sakura means Cherry blossom 😀

And last but not least, I asked her to buy for me a Starbucks Tumblr from Japan and saw a few nice ones however they were out of stock and decided to get myself a gold one which i totally adore!



I found it totally pretty and the great thing about this tumblr was you can keep any cold and hot drinks and it would remain at that temperature for 8 hours straight! I have proven it myself 🙂

And if you realized there were 2 big yellow boxes which were tokyo banana and everyone seems to love them except me because i am totally not a huge fan of banana and eating it actually made me feel sick.

For those who are wondering,

Tokyo banana looks like this,

(Clicky click)

It is basically some sort of sponge cake filled with Banana custard that weirdly made me sick after eating it and i acutally puked it out so yeah, Banana and me don’t go well together.

So that’s all for now,

AND anyone heading to Japan or is able to get for me Japanese Charm, please kindly tell me because i still want some more to hang on my bag and keys! Thanks in advance!

Toodle dee you guys!



20/10/14 : First day of school

Hello my wonderful people!

Today, 20th of October marks the first day of school for me as a final year 3 student doing my 2nd semester which means this is the final lap for me.

Now class started at 9:15am and it is such a drag because it is super early as i am used to waking up at 11am but i was surprised as i was able to wake up earlier then my alarm clock and was feeling pretty good heading to school till i had a setback and had to wait 15 min for the bus but that was fine after venting it out on twitter and waited for my friends at the interchange and took another bus to school.

So Monday class is lecture and it was called Case Management as maybe you guys did not know but i am taking a Diploma in healthcare in Polytechnic and things were good at first because the lesson was interrupted with other stuffs and we had a dialogue session which i ended up playing game and had a long break and met my girl, SZ to walk through the career fair and she gave me a First day of school care package!




I was super happy because i love home made gifts like this as it is really special and hand written notes are my ultimate weakness because there is something special there as the other party took some much effort to write it for you and you can’t help but to treasure it.

And if you see those small white pearl looking stuff, they are actually candies called Minty Imperials!

I just love how minty and sweet it is and currently totally obsessed with it however Singapore does not sell it except for an online shop named : http://www.tuck.com.sg/

Now the candy cost SGD $2.50 for 43g but the shipping is SGD $10 so basically i will be paying $12.50 for a 43g of sweet which does not seem worth it to me at all and that makes me really sad because once my stash is gone, i have no idea where to get it.

So me and SZ went through the University Fair in our school and i came home with this,


So many brochures and University booklet for me to look through!

After Diploma, i am obviously planning to continue to my Degree but i want to stick to healthcare because i know there is where i want to be but the cost of studies is really expensive and if i were to do part time studies, it would be at least 3 years but if i do full time, it would take at least 1-2 years however doing full time means a higher cost and it’s hard to be honest.

I don’t want to take a bank loan but at the same time, i don’t want to burden my parents financially even though schooling overseas is considered more cheaper than schooling in Singapore and don’t eve think about getting into a local university. Their standards are unbelievable high and the only options would be to go to an overseas university located in Singapore.

It is honestly tough to decide so i am not going to rush as this is my career in the making and will take it one at a time.

So after lunch, i headed back to class and stressful to the max because first lesson and it was already so heavy to the point that i honestly was lost and i just wanted to go home so when class ended,

happiest girl in the world bought an ice cream to celebrate!

I hope you guys have a great upcoming week!

Toodles dee you guys,



Throwback, My 21st

So last year, i had my 21st birthday!

for you guys who don’t know, i turn a year older every 7th December and this year was special because i turned 21!

However instead if throwing a big party, i decided not to do anything because i didn’t feel right for me to make it a financial burden for my parents.

So like every year, i celebrated my birthday a day earlier because my grandmother and i have are only different by a day which means granny was born on the 6th of December while i was born on the 7th of December and a few days before, 2 of my loveliest girls decided to surprise me by faking that they wanted to have lunch with me and ended up giving me a present which surprised me because i was not use to getting gifts. My parents normally gave me money and told me to buy what i wanted within the budget.


So i was taken aback but thanked them nevertheless and gave them a hug and when i got home, i tried to delicately open it but we always end up tearing it and look!


IT HAD A LIL STUFF TOY DOGGY INSIDE! i was stoked because i loved dogs and being a Muslim, you couldn’t keep one and my parents were against stuff toy being in the house because it collected dust and they found it very annoying especially my mom but it is a different case when someone buys it for you and would you look at the card?


I am a sucker for handmade cards and i had to admit it was very creative and i felt lot of love and thankful.

So on the 6th of December, we had a buffet dinner with the whole family and my 2 favorite girls, SZ & Twinny kept asking where was i and what time i was coming home. I didn’t suspect much at first and had a great dinner and came home pretty late and to my surprise, i found this at my doorstep,


I was totally freakking out and of course i asked my girls if it was their doing because 1, they kept asking very suspicious things and 2, i recognize their handwriting and of course both kept denying and made a joke saying i had a secret admirer which i didn’t believe of course and when the clock strikes midnight, I finally opened it and what i saw inside made me tear up,


They got me a FrancFranc cup with gold rimming ( MY FAVORITE), the crop top that i wanted, Laduree Macaroons which were crazy expensive in Singapore and a book with their birthday wishes inside which honestly touched me because back in 2013, Laduree macaroons always had a long queue even though they were crazy expensive and to know that my best girls were willing to queue and get me those really touched my heart and probably broke their wallets as well.

It was the perfect start to my birthday however as the day was progressing, it turned sour because on my birthday, i wanted to eat at this placed named Amirah’s grill which sells Mediterranean food in Arab street but my mom didn’t want to go there which made me upset and after much pestering from my auntie, she gave in but she brought me to eat at earl Swensen which to be honest was horrible and the food was really tasteless.


i took some Turkish dish because i loved turkey but this was bland and horrible,


Mom and dad had some rib eye steak and it was horrible as well.


To be honest, i can’t remember how the dessert taste like except the raspberry was frozen solid and my teeth ached after that.

And so, my 21st ended on a bad note as the food was horrible and i didn’t enjoy it at all.

The following day, 8th of December, my kitty kart texted me and asked if i was going out which i said i didn’t and was cleaning the house when suddenly, she called me and asked me to come down and surprised me with this,


She had gotten me 12 cupcakes from a bakery named twelve cupcake ( Note the pun?) which made me laughed and made my day a whole lot sweeter.

Toodle Dee everyone!



Being sad is really okay!

I have begin to realize that people actually don’t think it was okay and perfectly fine to be sad,

which is amazing to me because sadness is an emotion that every living breathing creature has on earth, even my cat feels sadness when i leave him for too long

Sadness is a perfectly natural emotion and it honestly is okay to be sad, to be emotional, to be angry, to be upset and to cry. I honestly see nothing wrong in it.

What made me realize was when a friend of mine who reads my blog and  sneakily does it asked me a question regarding my old post where i was upset with my mom,

conversation went like this,

Friend : Why are you sad,

Me : Cause of my mom, shit happens.

Friend: Don’t you find it weird telling me people how sad you are,

Me : no, sadness is normal and why should it be weird,

Friend : I don’t know, i find it weird

Me : well, i am not good at verbally telling people i am sad but me writing it down just lets it out

Friend: Okay, i guess but it is still weird.

I was surprised because there are people who think being sad and telling it to people is weird but i am here to tell everyone that being sad is okay, being sad is normal, crying is alright and you shouldn’t hide it.

What i have learnt is never bottle up your sadness because it leads to depression and it makes you feel so horrible that the thought of committing suicide is appealing to you,

And i would never ever want anyone to kill themselves because it is such a painful feeling to live with for those around you,

I am here to tell you that being angry is fine, being sad is fine, being upset and crying is fine and if your friends say it is not fine, they are not your true friends because if you are telling someone how sad you are and they shut you off, screw that bitch because you do not deserve it. You deserve someone who is going to lend you their ears and shoulder and cry with you if they need too.

But sweetheart, it is a thin line to depression with sadness and you need to know that if you start feeling sad all the time, empty and the key point, feeling that suicide is okay, Please, i beg of you to seek help because it will fester and become so much more worst.

I know how depression feels like and the best remedy, i think would be having your friends around you and slowly telling them how you feel. It is tough, trust me but it is a stepping stone to get better but you have to put in the effort because change will not come unless you want it. Let your friends encourage you and for those who knows people who are depressed, never stop encouraging them because words are so powerful. Positive words and constant reminder can do amazing things

If these does not work for you, please get professional help because the world has so much to offer and i don’t want you to leave it behind.

And on that note, if you feel sad and you want someone to talk too without the feeling of being judge, my ears and inbox are all ready, let me help you through and take that small step with you, let me cry for you instead of you crying,

and let me tell all of you, if you feel like this,


then let me,

Hug you till you feel better. Even if i might not understand, i don’t need too because you just need a hug!

and with that,

Toodle dee everyone!

and remember,



Current read,

20141007_201949 20141007_190705

// Current read

The strange and beautiful sorrow of Ava Lavender by Leslye walton

Magical realism, lyrical prose, and the pain and passion of human love haunt this hypnotic generational saga.

Foolish love appears to be the Roux family birthright, an ominous forecast for its most recent progeny, Ava Lavender. Ava—in all other ways a normal girl—is born with the wings of a bird.

In a quest to understand her peculiar disposition and a growing desire to fit in with her peers, sixteen-year old Ava ventures into the wider world, ill-prepared for what she might discover and naïve to the twisted motives of others. Others like the pious Nathaniel Sorrows, who mistakes Ava for an angel and whose obsession with her grows until the night of the Summer Solstice celebration.

That night, the skies open up, rain and feathers fill the air, and Ava’s quest and her family’s saga build to a devastating crescendo.

First-time author Leslye Walton has constructed a layered and unforgettable mythology of what it means to be born with hearts that are tragically, exquisitely human


So i headed to the Library today after a session of grocery shopping and fell in look with this book at first sight, the colour is beautiful and i love the back of the book!

shall do a review when i am done with this book,

toodle dee for now pumpkins,



October and Annabelle


Hello pumpkins!

Halloween is coming and aren’t you guys excited?!

I personally do not celebrate it because i was never exposed to such events when i was young and beside, i cannot stand the thought of having clowns and freaky dolls around me because they creep me out on so much level but for those who are celebrating, have fun and knock yourself out and if they give you healthy candy, throw it back at them cause its Halloween and you deserve some sweet treat but just don’t over do it like me, too much candy and i become impossibly chatty and not to mention hyper and when the energy runs out, the worst person you would want to be around.

And on Tumblr, everyone has began their countdown and i saw this “scary” gif that i just had to share, you ready?

“Scariest ” thing i ever saw if you know what i mean!

Now i am not too sure how Halloween came about but from what i know, its is a celebration of some sort where you get to dress up, get sweet treats and scare the living shit out of your friends, for the older ones i presume and i am honestly not sure of the background but yeah,

so when Annabelle came out, i was super stoked because it came out at the right time, its the scary month filled with pumpkin and costumes and it just fits that horror movies are coming out along with Supernatural season 10!

Anyway onwards to Annabelle,


Now we saw part of it from the conjuring and that kinda got alot of people interested for the directors to make a movie loosely about it and do you know how horrible it is to try type and see Annabelle face in the gif, it is making me stress because i cannot deal with it. i just have a phobia about them and it is GAH!


my rating on the movie would be

scare factor = 4/5 ( Because dolls, floating dolls are fucked up)

Overall = 3.5/5

It is scary at some point but i swear to god the starting was draggy and perhaps because it was because i am impatient but i felt like it was very draggy and the only scare factor at the starting was when the neighbor went crazy and killed their neighbor then it was boring till they moved to their new apartment and things started to kick off but i hate it when the sound effects starts playing and you start to think there will be a scary part but there isn’t and after some time,

you just go,


but you kind of regret when they really scare you but its better than waiting for something that keeps you on your toe and you get annoyed because of the sound effect but hey, suspense right?

And seriously, who the hell see a doll like that and think it would make a lovely gift for my pregnant wife and why did you even throw it in the bin, we all know that doesn’t work, why couldn’t you burn it?!

But if you would ask me to watch it again, i would go

It good for once a watch but more than that, kind of predictable and really spoils the fun.

Beside, i think the original Annabelle which was a rag doll is so much more cuter and imagine it being in the movies,

i would be laughing my ass off because that would be too adorable!

But i do highly recommend everyone to watch it because it is a creeper and perfect for the upcoming halloween month and just looking at it on my tumblr dash gives me the creeps and this sucks, big time!

And i do wanna show some spoiler but if i do, the movie will get boring because there isn’t much to spoil but you guys can always tumblr it and you’ll see a lot of spoilers or watch the trailers,

and my mom and uncle birthdays are coming up so it’s exciting because we get to go out to feast and it is exactly 2 more months to my 22nd birthday!

Toodle dee pumpkins,



Ps, for those who do not know the background story about Annabelle, kindly google because i cannot stand that doll and it is as horrible as chucky, the killing doll.

pss, i feel super sick right now.