Being sad is really okay!

I have begin to realize that people actually don’t think it was okay and perfectly fine to be sad,

which is amazing to me because sadness is an emotion that every living breathing creature has on earth, even my cat feels sadness when i leave him for too long

Sadness is a perfectly natural emotion and it honestly is okay to be sad, to be emotional, to be angry, to be upset and to cry. I honestly see nothing wrong in it.

What made me realize was when a friend of mine who reads my blog and  sneakily does it asked me a question regarding my old post where i was upset with my mom,

conversation went like this,

Friend : Why are you sad,

Me : Cause of my mom, shit happens.

Friend: Don’t you find it weird telling me people how sad you are,

Me : no, sadness is normal and why should it be weird,

Friend : I don’t know, i find it weird

Me : well, i am not good at verbally telling people i am sad but me writing it down just lets it out

Friend: Okay, i guess but it is still weird.

I was surprised because there are people who think being sad and telling it to people is weird but i am here to tell everyone that being sad is okay, being sad is normal, crying is alright and you shouldn’t hide it.

What i have learnt is never bottle up your sadness because it leads to depression and it makes you feel so horrible that the thought of committing suicide is appealing to you,

And i would never ever want anyone to kill themselves because it is such a painful feeling to live with for those around you,

I am here to tell you that being angry is fine, being sad is fine, being upset and crying is fine and if your friends say it is not fine, they are not your true friends because if you are telling someone how sad you are and they shut you off, screw that bitch because you do not deserve it. You deserve someone who is going to lend you their ears and shoulder and cry with you if they need too.

But sweetheart, it is a thin line to depression with sadness and you need to know that if you start feeling sad all the time, empty and the key point, feeling that suicide is okay, Please, i beg of you to seek help because it will fester and become so much more worst.

I know how depression feels like and the best remedy, i think would be having your friends around you and slowly telling them how you feel. It is tough, trust me but it is a stepping stone to get better but you have to put in the effort because change will not come unless you want it. Let your friends encourage you and for those who knows people who are depressed, never stop encouraging them because words are so powerful. Positive words and constant reminder can do amazing things

If these does not work for you, please get professional help because the world has so much to offer and i don’t want you to leave it behind.

And on that note, if you feel sad and you want someone to talk too without the feeling of being judge, my ears and inbox are all ready, let me help you through and take that small step with you, let me cry for you instead of you crying,

and let me tell all of you, if you feel like this,


then let me,

Hug you till you feel better. Even if i might not understand, i don’t need too because you just need a hug!

and with that,

Toodle dee everyone!

and remember,




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