October and Annabelle


Hello pumpkins!

Halloween is coming and aren’t you guys excited?!

I personally do not celebrate it because i was never exposed to such events when i was young and beside, i cannot stand the thought of having clowns and freaky dolls around me because they creep me out on so much level but for those who are celebrating, have fun and knock yourself out and if they give you healthy candy, throw it back at them cause its Halloween and you deserve some sweet treat but just don’t over do it like me, too much candy and i become impossibly chatty and not to mention hyper and when the energy runs out, the worst person you would want to be around.

And on Tumblr, everyone has began their countdown and i saw this “scary” gif that i just had to share, you ready?

“Scariest ” thing i ever saw if you know what i mean!

Now i am not too sure how Halloween came about but from what i know, its is a celebration of some sort where you get to dress up, get sweet treats and scare the living shit out of your friends, for the older ones i presume and i am honestly not sure of the background but yeah,

so when Annabelle came out, i was super stoked because it came out at the right time, its the scary month filled with pumpkin and costumes and it just fits that horror movies are coming out along with Supernatural season 10!

Anyway onwards to Annabelle,


Now we saw part of it from the conjuring and that kinda got alot of people interested for the directors to make a movie loosely about it and do you know how horrible it is to try type and see Annabelle face in the gif, it is making me stress because i cannot deal with it. i just have a phobia about them and it is GAH!


my rating on the movie would be

scare factor = 4/5 ( Because dolls, floating dolls are fucked up)

Overall = 3.5/5

It is scary at some point but i swear to god the starting was draggy and perhaps because it was because i am impatient but i felt like it was very draggy and the only scare factor at the starting was when the neighbor went crazy and killed their neighbor then it was boring till they moved to their new apartment and things started to kick off but i hate it when the sound effects starts playing and you start to think there will be a scary part but there isn’t and after some time,

you just go,


but you kind of regret when they really scare you but its better than waiting for something that keeps you on your toe and you get annoyed because of the sound effect but hey, suspense right?

And seriously, who the hell see a doll like that and think it would make a lovely gift for my pregnant wife and why did you even throw it in the bin, we all know that doesn’t work, why couldn’t you burn it?!

But if you would ask me to watch it again, i would go

It good for once a watch but more than that, kind of predictable and really spoils the fun.

Beside, i think the original Annabelle which was a rag doll is so much more cuter and imagine it being in the movies,

i would be laughing my ass off because that would be too adorable!

But i do highly recommend everyone to watch it because it is a creeper and perfect for the upcoming halloween month and just looking at it on my tumblr dash gives me the creeps and this sucks, big time!

And i do wanna show some spoiler but if i do, the movie will get boring because there isn’t much to spoil but you guys can always tumblr it and you’ll see a lot of spoilers or watch the trailers,

and my mom and uncle birthdays are coming up so it’s exciting because we get to go out to feast and it is exactly 2 more months to my 22nd birthday!

Toodle dee pumpkins,



Ps, for those who do not know the background story about Annabelle, kindly google because i cannot stand that doll and it is as horrible as chucky, the killing doll.

pss, i feel super sick right now.


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