20/10/14 : First day of school

Hello my wonderful people!

Today, 20th of October marks the first day of school for me as a final year 3 student doing my 2nd semester which means this is the final lap for me.

Now class started at 9:15am and it is such a drag because it is super early as i am used to waking up at 11am but i was surprised as i was able to wake up earlier then my alarm clock and was feeling pretty good heading to school till i had a setback and had to wait 15 min for the bus but that was fine after venting it out on twitter and waited for my friends at the interchange and took another bus to school.

So Monday class is lecture and it was called Case Management as maybe you guys did not know but i am taking a Diploma in healthcare in Polytechnic and things were good at first because the lesson was interrupted with other stuffs and we had a dialogue session which i ended up playing game and had a long break and met my girl, SZ to walk through the career fair and she gave me a First day of school care package!




I was super happy because i love home made gifts like this as it is really special and hand written notes are my ultimate weakness because there is something special there as the other party took some much effort to write it for you and you can’t help but to treasure it.

And if you see those small white pearl looking stuff, they are actually candies called Minty Imperials!

I just love how minty and sweet it is and currently totally obsessed with it however Singapore does not sell it except for an online shop named : http://www.tuck.com.sg/

Now the candy cost SGD $2.50 for 43g but the shipping is SGD $10 so basically i will be paying $12.50 for a 43g of sweet which does not seem worth it to me at all and that makes me really sad because once my stash is gone, i have no idea where to get it.

So me and SZ went through the University Fair in our school and i came home with this,


So many brochures and University booklet for me to look through!

After Diploma, i am obviously planning to continue to my Degree but i want to stick to healthcare because i know there is where i want to be but the cost of studies is really expensive and if i were to do part time studies, it would be at least 3 years but if i do full time, it would take at least 1-2 years however doing full time means a higher cost and it’s hard to be honest.

I don’t want to take a bank loan but at the same time, i don’t want to burden my parents financially even though schooling overseas is considered more cheaper than schooling in Singapore and don’t eve think about getting into a local university. Their standards are unbelievable high and the only options would be to go to an overseas university located in Singapore.

It is honestly tough to decide so i am not going to rush as this is my career in the making and will take it one at a time.

So after lunch, i headed back to class and stressful to the max because first lesson and it was already so heavy to the point that i honestly was lost and i just wanted to go home so when class ended,

happiest girl in the world bought an ice cream to celebrate!

I hope you guys have a great upcoming week!

Toodles dee you guys,




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