Throwback, My 21st

So last year, i had my 21st birthday!

for you guys who don’t know, i turn a year older every 7th December and this year was special because i turned 21!

However instead if throwing a big party, i decided not to do anything because i didn’t feel right for me to make it a financial burden for my parents.

So like every year, i celebrated my birthday a day earlier because my grandmother and i have are only different by a day which means granny was born on the 6th of December while i was born on the 7th of December and a few days before, 2 of my loveliest girls decided to surprise me by faking that they wanted to have lunch with me and ended up giving me a present which surprised me because i was not use to getting gifts. My parents normally gave me money and told me to buy what i wanted within the budget.


So i was taken aback but thanked them nevertheless and gave them a hug and when i got home, i tried to delicately open it but we always end up tearing it and look!


IT HAD A LIL STUFF TOY DOGGY INSIDE! i was stoked because i loved dogs and being a Muslim, you couldn’t keep one and my parents were against stuff toy being in the house because it collected dust and they found it very annoying especially my mom but it is a different case when someone buys it for you and would you look at the card?


I am a sucker for handmade cards and i had to admit it was very creative and i felt lot of love and thankful.

So on the 6th of December, we had a buffet dinner with the whole family and my 2 favorite girls, SZ & Twinny kept asking where was i and what time i was coming home. I didn’t suspect much at first and had a great dinner and came home pretty late and to my surprise, i found this at my doorstep,


I was totally freakking out and of course i asked my girls if it was their doing because 1, they kept asking very suspicious things and 2, i recognize their handwriting and of course both kept denying and made a joke saying i had a secret admirer which i didn’t believe of course and when the clock strikes midnight, I finally opened it and what i saw inside made me tear up,


They got me a FrancFranc cup with gold rimming ( MY FAVORITE), the crop top that i wanted, Laduree Macaroons which were crazy expensive in Singapore and a book with their birthday wishes inside which honestly touched me because back in 2013, Laduree macaroons always had a long queue even though they were crazy expensive and to know that my best girls were willing to queue and get me those really touched my heart and probably broke their wallets as well.

It was the perfect start to my birthday however as the day was progressing, it turned sour because on my birthday, i wanted to eat at this placed named Amirah’s grill which sells Mediterranean food in Arab street but my mom didn’t want to go there which made me upset and after much pestering from my auntie, she gave in but she brought me to eat at earl Swensen which to be honest was horrible and the food was really tasteless.


i took some Turkish dish because i loved turkey but this was bland and horrible,


Mom and dad had some rib eye steak and it was horrible as well.


To be honest, i can’t remember how the dessert taste like except the raspberry was frozen solid and my teeth ached after that.

And so, my 21st ended on a bad note as the food was horrible and i didn’t enjoy it at all.

The following day, 8th of December, my kitty kart texted me and asked if i was going out which i said i didn’t and was cleaning the house when suddenly, she called me and asked me to come down and surprised me with this,


She had gotten me 12 cupcakes from a bakery named twelve cupcake ( Note the pun?) which made me laughed and made my day a whole lot sweeter.

Toodle Dee everyone!




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