Throwback : Japan goodies

So earlier this year, My friends went on a school trip to Japan, Fukoka if i am not mistaken and i was super jealous because i have always wanted to go to Japan but i couldn’t because everyone has their own reason so the next best thing i could do was ask them to bring back some stuff for me.



Yam Flavored Kit Kat!


The usual Strawberry Flavored Kit Kat,

so one important thing that i told my friend to get was a Japanese good luck charm because i saw some of them online and they looked amazing and she did get me one although i wishes i had told her to buy more,



She had gotten me this Sakura bell because of the sakura season and sakura means Cherry blossom 😀

And last but not least, I asked her to buy for me a Starbucks Tumblr from Japan and saw a few nice ones however they were out of stock and decided to get myself a gold one which i totally adore!



I found it totally pretty and the great thing about this tumblr was you can keep any cold and hot drinks and it would remain at that temperature for 8 hours straight! I have proven it myself 🙂

And if you realized there were 2 big yellow boxes which were tokyo banana and everyone seems to love them except me because i am totally not a huge fan of banana and eating it actually made me feel sick.

For those who are wondering,

Tokyo banana looks like this,

(Clicky click)

It is basically some sort of sponge cake filled with Banana custard that weirdly made me sick after eating it and i acutally puked it out so yeah, Banana and me don’t go well together.

So that’s all for now,

AND anyone heading to Japan or is able to get for me Japanese Charm, please kindly tell me because i still want some more to hang on my bag and keys! Thanks in advance!

Toodle dee you guys!




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