So yesterday on the 30th, I was scrolling through my instagram and people were posting about National Cat day which made me go

Then i went like this,


Because on that day, i actually went grocery shopping for my cat like literally i bought him a lot of food and a supplement in the form of a treat.


So yes, i bought him cans food and a new brush ( Probably because i lost the old one,) and i bought his a supplement and my cat actually like this brand a lot and he gets super excited when i bring it out and he keeps asking for more but it is a supplement so it is limited to 12 bites and i would recommend this to any cat owner who has trouble finding supplement treats for their babies.

They are easily found at Pet lovers center so yeah and lastly,


Happy National Cat day, Grumpy baby!

I know i annoy you with my constant kisses and hugging but i love you that much and i am more than willing to drop the whole world for you because you helped me through so much when i was young and having you for the past 12-13 years, it has been amazing and i would never trade you for anything in the world. Growing old with you has been the best times of my life and i am going to keep taking care of you till the end of time because you are my baby and i am never going to give you up nor give you away and i am going to keep snuggling you when you have your dreams,  I love you so much white socks

and last to those reading my post, if you have pets, give them a hug and a kiss from me to them and a hug for yourself, you are doing an amazing job and please never give up on your pets, you are their whole world!



Anyone want a cup corn? hahaha

Toodle dee you guys!




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