Throwback mo back : Nature

So about last year, i found a hidden gem in my usual nature walk which was about an hour walk inside through vast spaces and grass but reward is amazing,

I mean living in the city, there are not much greenery or nature and this spot is really special but i have never seen anything like it,

So the place is called



It is super deep inside but trust me, it is totally worth it!




And in the water, look who we made friends with!

20130929_171350  20130929_171343

This lil guy kept popping his head in and out and swimming towards us.

Anyway, this place was absolutely beautiful and very peaceful. The sky is lovely but the weather was normally hot and there is minimal shelter so those who plan on going there, do bring a lot of water because the walk there is very far and there is no water point there.

And i actually went back there 2- 3 months ago and had a picnic with my girls and we had tons of fun even in the hot weather.

But mostly importantly i wanna inform everyone that BINS ARE LIMITED,

So please bring your own trash bag and throw it once you see a Bina and let’s keep the place green and beautiful not only for us but for the animals that lives there.


Toodle dee you guys!




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