Check them out!

Hello my wonderful amazing people,

I am here to tell you guys to check these 3 people out because i love them and i just wanna spread the love!

First person is,

I love this guy probably the most and have been following him since i found out about him like 2 years ago?


It is none other then my fav boy, DAVIDSOCOMEDY

Check him out at :

I love how funny he is and funny fat fit is probably da best because its funny and motivating at the same time! David has a way with words like a mix of weird funny curse with motivation in them!

The second one is


It is no other then : PTX

Check them out at :

I Swear to god i had no idea who they are until i was searching for some cover on Youtube and they popped out and i thought they looked pretty cool and once i clicked on the video, there goes my heart. I love them to death because their voices are super amazing and i just can’t get enough!

I am a huge fan and you have to check them out, no discussion allowed!

Now the last person is a Local artist, a local singer and his rendition of milkshake of off the hook!

It is super catchy and you just have to listen to it!

This person is no other then,


Sorry you guys, i don’t have a picture of him but do check him out at

and this is by far my most favorite song!

GO ahead and Click play!

Thats all for now,

Toodle dee you guys,





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