It’s a Kitkat affair

There are days where i wish i lived in Japan because of this

Look at how many Kit Kat flavors they have,

The only kit kat that i have tried would be


Yam Flavoured Kit kat which taste pretty sweet,


Strawberry Kit kat which is easily found and smells like strawberry and taste like sweet strawberry, Easily my Favorite as well.


Dark Chocolate Kit kat which is easily found in NTUC in singapore and pretty nice actually,

Its refreshing because it isn’t too sweet like the rest,


Kobe pudding Flavored Kitkat which really does smell and taste like pudding!


Another one of my most favorite, Cherry blossom green tea kit kat,

It actually taste like a lighter green tea but equally yummy!


Red Bean Kit kat

i honestly have no idea why people say this is super nice when to me, it is super weird and is honestly not nice. I do not find it sweet nor tasty, it is super bitter like i am eating the darkest chocolate there is and i just didn’t like it.

IMG_20140812_220833  IMG_20140812_221019

This is called bite size ice cream kit kat and honestly i love it, it taste like vanilla ice cream and i just loved it, it is sweet and yummy and look how thick the coating is!


Raspberry kit kat and this is actually not bad only that there is a tinge of sourness from it but apart from there, it is actually pretty good.

Well sadly, i have only managed to try so few but i am of course going to keep a look out for more flavor i can find!

Well that all for now,

Toodle dee you guys,




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