if it was good,


This to me was very powerful in a way because it is right you know,

if it was good, it would have stayed

and the best example to use would be, your relationship with someone.

if it was good till the end, you would have stayed, you won’t leave out that door. No, you would stayed till the end but it changed that is why you left.

if it was good, you would still be in their arms, you would still be in your honeymoon or comfortable phase and you would have stayed. You would never said spoke those words when you walked out. no, you would have stayed

now lets change it to something else, a product you bought

if it was good, it would have stayed, it won’t have broke down by the first 3 months and even after bring it to change or repair using the warranty, it seemed to be having the whole same problem again

if it was good, it would have stayed and you won’t be looking at the new over, toaster, coffee machine now, no, you would have been itching to use it not screaming at how useless it is and decided to throw it away.

if it was good, i would have stayed till the end, i would have been with you through the fights and all but didn’t it all change?

Here is the thing, when you are in a relationship and you have started to realize everything going down hill, one of you have changed or even both of you. No relationship can be broken till someone changes. Till you look into their eyes and you realize you were the only one hanging on the memories that have long left and its painful, it hurts so badly your eyes started tearing up.

To put it simply,

this is how it happens,

your boyfriend or you went out ( this is a stimulus) with a group of friends for the night or for coffee, someone took a picture that conveyed the wrong message ( this becomes a factor), one of you gets angry and decided to either give the silent treatment or be all aggressive ( This is a reaction) and because of this reaction, the other party gets upset and ends up changing how he is to deal with what is going on and you wonder to yourself what had happen, well simply your reaction had happened.

Because no one suddenly changes without a reason. Everyone has one but it is up to them to tell you or pretend they don’t know.

If it was good, it would have stayed




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