Tick Tok goes the clock,

Have you guys even seen those super complicated watches where there is seriously no empty space in the watch itself?

Hold up, Let me google for you

This is actually pretty but what am i suppose to be looking at?

Rightttt, what am i suppose to be looking at again?

The only thing i know what to look at is the big hand of the clock and the little hand that tells me the time. I get people buy these complicated watch to feel good, look good and probably they know how to tell the time but not everyone knows like you could teach me to look at it over and over and i would probably get distracted.

I love the simple kind of watch where it is nothing complicated and pretty straight up like


Clicky click! I love this watch!

Now my watch looks like this

when i first bought it,


It has a stop watch function which was pretty interesting i only figured it out like 2 weeks after i bought it cause i wasn’t interested in the other buttons and it liked it cause it was pretty and this is actually the first watch that i ever bought with my own money and in a way, it became precious to me.

Now, this is how it looks like nearly a year plus later?


yep, it has scratches all over and actually has a few scratches on the glass it self if you guys can see it.

I am actually looking for a new watch because my current watch was acting crazy but it holds a lot of sentimental value. It is my first ever watch that i bought with my own money, i brought it swimming with me in the waterfall in Thailand and it has been through so many adventures with me and amazingly it still hasn’t fall apart.

and on this note,

Humans, meaning us are very sentimental creatures. We hold things close to us and are very reluctant to get rid of it because we have form a certain attachment to it. We find it hard to let go of certain things even though we know we need to replace it at certain point of time but that is just who we are and it makes us humans.

I have no idea if you guys get it but yeah,

i am a sentimental human being, i have kept stuff from my secondary school era till now. I actually have this huge box of memories and perhaps one days i will show it to you guys but be warn, it would be a very very long post.

And my current dilemma would be if i want to get a new watch or just stick to my old one till it really falls apart

Anyway, till here for now,

Toodle dee doo you guys!




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