Hello pumpkins!

For those who don’t know ( and probably because i never told anyone ), i am a HUGGGEEEEE fan of OK ONE ROCK ( A Japanese rock band)

And i just found out that they had released a single like 3 months back called “Mighty long fall”

aw yesss!

Anyway lets get straight into it!

So clicky click and enjoy the music!

When i first watch this, i literally wanted to jump out of my seat and hug the shit out of Taka ( Lead Singer)! He is super adorable with his new haircut!!

Credits: Where else but tumblr yo~

And if you guys did watch the video and watch Japanese anime ( NON HENTAI ONE PLEASEEE)

Well to me, the video seemed like a song for Attack on Titan because …

well i can’t really explain it unless you have watched the anime and you’ll probably understand what i am talking about.

and i am sure them boys have instagram because i have found and the stalking shall commence!


go ahead and listen alright,

toodle dee you guys!


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