Short Rant : Being a little busy bee and loving it

Since the 15 of November, life has taken a dramatic toll.

Just started my part time work and oh my god, i have been busier then ever now. I am rushing through school with 5 modules and Final Year Project and work on the weekends. I am oddly blessed to have found a job that only requires me to work for just the weekends and the best part, i end at 7pm! it is good for me because i get to go home early compared to all my other previous part time jobs but the bad part is i won’t be able to sleep in and i start work at 9:15am.

Yes, i have been a little busy bee but to be honest, i quite enjoy it even though it is tiring. Being able to be feel independent and being able to take charge of your life is an amazing feeling. People always come up to me and ask if i was tired and i tell them i am but i am in control and therefore, i am enjoying it.,

This would probably be the first time ever i am in control of my life and it is exciting because it is such a new feeling and i like it a lot but there is of course a downside to it. i am unable to spend time with my family and it sucks when you don’t get to attend family dinner or family outing and you don’t get to write/ blog as often as you wish. I mean i procrastinate a lot but i do enjoy writing a whole lot


But to be honest, that is life. You have to give and take even though you wish you could be super women and do everything but honey, we weren’t built like that.

anyway, that’s probably all for now

Toodle dee you guys!

It is already the mid week and the weekends are coming!



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