And he sang “Don’t let me drown”

Hello hello pumpkins!

Guess who has a new song out!


But the thing is, it not screamo nor death metal or what else along those lines.

It’s just him singing a beautiful song and i have fallen once more.

And the part where they had the exorcism segment made me laugh and i love the elevator music that was playing in the background of that segment and i was referring to this

ANDDDDD I loved “Go to hell for heaven’s sake” , literally my jam but


Bring Me The Horizon

i know how people were saying it sounds so anti Christ and such and i have to say it does but to me, music is music and our belief should not change no matter what. They can sing what they want and as long as your heart is true to your belief, you’ll be just fine.

I know it’s pretty hard to hear at time but look at it on a different view, when you hear “Go to hell for heaven’s sake,” Think of those annoying people who annoys the crap out of you and trust me, it so much more better that way.


The only person i would actually take a bullet for

Toodle deee you guys!




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