Short rants : Trust me, if i could hit you, i would



but that also mean i have to go back to work which is a bummer but it’s fine.

Today short rant would be,

How i wish i could hit people who always try to change my plan!

Let’s get it straight here, i am a very particular person even if i don’t show it. I cannot stand people who keeps trying to change my plan especially when i have set it like a few days ago ( which normally is about a day or two beforehand) and when you tell me to change my plan last minute, you are just asking to be hit


Like the other day,

i was actually on the way back home and i had already set what time i needed to clear my school work including my project and the next day’s class work but my clever annoying irritating friend decided she urgently needed something from me and kept saying she needed to get it from me and i knew if i were to get down on the bus, i was going to get home late and delay everything but because she was a friend, i gave her a chance or as we Singaporean say, i gave her face and got down and waited for her and guess what, she called and said she didn’t need it anymore and hanged up. NOT EVEN A WORD OF SORRY WAS SPOKEN,

And the other day,

i was rushing home because i was tired and i honestly just wanted to rest and do my Final year project when my mom called and said she needed me to see my auntie and i told her nicely that i had a lot of things to catch up on and i’ll see her tomorrow but she insisted that i see her today and dragged me to my uncle’s place and i ended up not doing anything productive because well, how could i and i don’t normally get annoyed with this because family is family but there would always be a reason why i would suggest an alternative and it is probably because i had shit to do.

The thing is,

And this is really true because some people, not saying everyone expects you to drop the whole world for them while they are not willing to do the same and will end up playing this blaming game with a hint of emotional blackmail. Lets be honest here, everyone has their own things/ shit to do and as much as we want to help you, we have got to help ourselves first and if we don’t, we are the ones suffering, not you sweetie.

so to everyone out there,

unless it is a dire emergency, please please do not alter or try to change someone’s plan last minute because you end up screwing them over and if you really really need to see them or talk to be, ask first and if they really cannot, offer alternative.

We really do appreciate people who are able to do that and of course we will move our things around accordingly.

We are human and we have got to be considerate to one another because if we don’t, we cannot expect people to do the same for us.


toodle dee you guys!




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