Throw back mo back : oh my what is happily ever after?


she looked at him, feeling skeptical, unable to decide whether to laugh or shake her head,

She was a princess stuck in a castle, typical but she wasn’t the kind to escape, in fact she loved the castle and the things that came with and here, standing in front of her, was her promised prince charming, the one who she waited for, for far too long.

“Are you not please to see me, my love, ” He said to her and took a step closer. “I am here to save you from this vile castle, where the monsters have kept you, ” and with that, she burst out laughing.

“Oh sweets, the monster i see is right in front of me, i have no wish to escape, i could have done that long ago, ” She said with a smile and sat on her bed. “Do you not miss the outside world, where the grass is green and the apples are red, “He said to her and she got up.

“Why would i, i have no concerns of the outside world, ” She said and walked past him. Prince charming turned, surprised but yet, he still followed her for he has no idea what is he suppose to do now.

“Where are you going, ” he asked her, following her like a lost puppy. She smiled at him and quicken her pace.

Through the long corridors and the twisted passage, she suddenly stopped and held out her hand to him. She pulled him closed and whispered in his ear.

“Let me show you my world, where the roses are painted red and the rabbit wears a coat,”

And with that, she pushed him down the rabbit hole into wonderland.

And as he was falling, he hear someone whispered to him,

toodle you guys,




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