a really quick update, wells that whats she said.

Hello you guys!

A real quick, very quick update!

So lately i have been swamped with Final Year project, work and school and my birthday has just passed so i was also busy with my birthday weekends where we went for a buffet dinner with the whole family!


Exciting news! 

Finally this year, i am getting to travel with my whole extended family which includes my cousins and aunties and this is a very rare moment because it rarely happens and the last time a family vaca like this happened, was nearly 3 years ago and not everyone was there so it is pretty exciting! Even though it is not very far, it is pretty exciting to travel with all your loved ones!

Another thing was,




So very Christmas themed, i like!


And they had a new flavor which was spiced orange which is the top orange macaroon and it is my goodness yummy! It hinted of orange and spices and amazingly it blends really well together!


Another quick update was Anime Festival was in town from 5-7 December 2014!


So i went on the day it opened which was on the 5th of December and thus, did not take any pictures because most of the stalls were setting up and i came late like about 7 pm whereas they closed at 9 pm because i had school and was rushing around town to get my twinny Pre-birthday gift because i won’t be in town to wish her and might not get internet on time so i bought her TWG macaroons which she requested and it was exciting but i honestly felt like a fish out of water because i did not know much of the anime that was on display and i do watch anime and i honestly loved them but i wasn’t those really fanatics one and yeah.

Me and twinny got lost inside the convention hall itself because it was big! Bigger then the one at expo and i was going everywhere trying to hunt down my Tokyo ghoul ( ONE OF ZE BEST ! SEASON 2 PREMIERS ON 8 JANUARY! MARK YO CALENDER!!)  merchandise but there was not a lot and most of them were kinda sold out, sadly but on a better note, i saw a few familiar anime like Black butler, Hunter x hunter ( Which still haven’t ended!), one piece ( Still not ending as well), Hozuki ( No season 2?) and Attack of Titan ( I really need to watch this!) but yeah, majority of the things that were sold were some girl anime? And i was surprised there were not a lot of Kill La Kill Merch as well ( I thought that was very famous since it was super ecchi ?)

but overall i had a good time with my twinny and i look forward to the next Anime fest here in Singapore!

Toodle dee you guys!




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