Hello you wonder wonderful wonder people!

On 6-7 December was ma birthday weekend which i of course didn’t go to party, instead i skipped work to spend time with my family because granny’s birthday was on the 6th of December and mine was on the 7th of December so the whole family decide to go for a buffet on the 6th of December and we all had a good time! Well, not really, the food was horrible and the selection was pretty little and not very tasty except for the Laska which still was,

and just before they were closing, the staff surprised me with this!


i was super duper surprised because it was really unexpected and we go there like every year and i had never gotten a cake from the staff before so this was really a nice change but the problem was i am not a huge fan of cream cake but nevertheless, i chow down on it because it was super nice of them and i really appreciated the effort!

After a filling buffet dinner, we all went to meet my auntie’s first son who is married and already has kids at a nearby Macd because the kids wanted to go playground and you would think the older ones including me to sit out and chill at Macd cafe, you were wrong, we all jumped at the opportunity to play at the playground and brought the little kids with us and we were having fun running around and trying things. This shows just because you are older, does not mean you can’t enjoy yourself and we went back at nearly 12am and i was surprised when the birthday wishes started coming in!

I am the kind of person that does not need the whole world to wish me but only those close to me and i had to unfortunately work on my birthday which was a bummer but it was nice to see familiar faces and the next day was a schooling day and got home from work just to do my Final Year Project log sheet 2 and slept late and woke up early to continue it and i had exams in the afternoon.

And something small and shitty happened but i put that past and my best friend came and  she gave me this!


It was a Pre-Birthday gift as she told em the actual one was coming at the end of the year but OH MY GOD! IT’S MINT IMPERIALS IN A MASON JAR!!!! I mean what else would you need when you have that and a hand written letter by the people who love you? Well she didn’t give me the calculator and the Asian geographic magazine ( which is mine and it finally came on time!!)

All that happened on Monday and on Tuesday, I received another gift,


IT IS LIKE A TOTAL OH YESSS! you guys know how much i love innisfree and i literally cannot live without their shampoo because it really does clean the scalp and the little package was from Bayu and there were earrings inside! me love them too! And the box was a patootie pie! It has horses or pony and it was super cute!

And a week before that, Kitty kart, one of my bestfriend came over to my place to hang and i unfortunately got a flu on that day and was sneezing my nose off but before she left, she gave me this!


No words can express how blessed i am to receive such wonderful and amazing gift from the people i love and cherish! I know i can be a shitty person at times, i curse too much, i nag too much and sometimes i bitch too much but thank you for sticking by me till the very end and surprising me!

I love you guys very muchie!

And that concludes my birthday weekends and surprises!

toddle dee you guys!





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