I want to fall for someone shy, i want a skinny love

Hello munchokins!

Often we hear people ask us what is our type, do we have a type, who would we want to fall for and normally i tell people i want certain characteristics but lately, i want to fall/ be with someone who is shy, i want to be the cheeky one who makes the other person smile, i want them to have a soft smile when they look at me smiling cheekily at them.

i want a skinny love, i want a playful love, i want someone so vastly different from me that we can make it work.

In my head, i picture someone so vastly different from me. The person ( you) is shy, they keep to themselves a lot and always has their earpiece or headphones in their ear and bobbing their head to the music. You are the cool kind, even tempered and a smile worthy of me turning into a puddle.

I will be the cheeky one who will tease you and when i do that, You  would have this kind of smile while looking away because you are just that shy.

when we go out separately with our friends or i would be engrossed in my book, you would look at me from across the room with this kind of smile till i realize and look at you, making my heart just at the sight of his smile.

you would be the secure one while i will be the insecure one, you will be the calmness to my storm.

And if we ever go out dancing, i want to be the one pulling you to the dance floor excitedly and just grooving with you till our song comes on and i would pull you closer and just wrap my arms around you with our forehead touching.

and we would be singing to our favorite song and just be lost in our own little world and thinking how lucky we both have to share a love that has blossomed from 2 people who are vastly different from each other.

We might have our fights but i want us to last through it.

I would love it also if you were to write me letters because i am a sucker for those.

we would be those couple who doesn’t have to say i love you to prove we love each other, we would say it in those rare moments but we would show it to the world without being too much for others to bear. we would have a skinny love.


but who isn’t anyway, hehehe.

but exceptions differ greatly from reality and i am just hoping one day i would be able to experience this kind of love.

toodle dee you guys!,




Some who don’t let go,

Hello munchokins!

Now some people don’t let go due to specific reasons and usually we don’t see that. We find these people annoying, irritating and just a past that doesn’t want to be forgotten. They keep popping out and we get very annoyed and we tend to lash out at them. I have been there and i also found out why.

When i published my open letter for the world to see, she would read it and of course came a lot of fights and i had these Fuck It attitude and i honestly could not be bothered until she started pulling my friends into the drama and that just pissed me off. I am like, “DOOOD, your fight is with me not the whole world” and i was in a pretty mad mood for a few days but things changed when i saw her broke down right in front of me. I honestly did not want to have anything to do with her, i was just tired of all this reality drama worthy shit that i just let out a sigh and looked at her.

But something changed when she told me she needed help, she said ” I can’t go on like this, i am so tired”

That snapped something in me, those were the phrase of someone who was falling into depression and i knew what depression could do. Without thinking, i told her she needed help and that i would help her. She was surprised and she asked why i didn’t hate her after everything that has happened.

I just kept quiet and i told her to look into counselling and managed to get the support of her mom who was readily on board. I mean she was worried sick for her daughter.

Lets fast forward a lil bit,

I didn’t see her for a week or two or even three  and she called and asked if we could really talk. Now i hate this word because normally it would lead into a fight but i was curious to see how she was. so we met up and lets be honest here, she didn’t look so great but she was getting better, she had the smile i used to adore and the things is, she is smiling.

A rare sight like a blue moon or an eclipse or a narwhale! That rare!

So we sat and talked and i asked polite questions like ” How are you, how is treatment, are you on medications, are you feeling better ” and she laughed and told me to slow down.

She is on medication, anti depressants and she does weekly counselling and it seems to be helping and she is slowly getting better and we talked about how we both were and she said

” The only reason why i cling so hard was because you were there when my parents broke up, you were there when it was a life changing moment for me, you comforted me and i just could not move on from that. I realized that now, ”

and that actually made sense to me. Every emotion that i have associated her with like anger, annoyance, sadness, irritated ( not sure an emotion or not but yeahhh), they disappeared and i smiled.

Don’t ask me why i smiled but i just did and told her it is a start to recovery, acceptance is a start.

tooodle dee you guys!



Oh gosh, where do i start?

Hello munchokins!

Since my last open letter and my Starbucks observation journey which i have not wrote about, a lot of thing has happened and i am honestly not sure where to start from.

2015 has proven to be a crazy year so far and i will just start with the starbucks and follow up post will be about other issues and just what has been going on.

So i went to Starbucks for a quick observation because i just wanted to read people’s body and i wanted to go see where i was going with that but was not really interesting cause the place was kinda empty except for a few students studying for god knows what and this man happen to catch my eye. He was the barista and i love how he wears an air of elegance around him, how his hair was backcombed back and love the mini beard or mustache he was keeping, very well trimmed and very neat.

He kinda caught me staring and i had to play it cool and smiled at him which he returned one of course.

so i got bored and started reading my book and then i got distracted then this guy like in the corner caught my attention.

He was talking loudly and people presumed he was angry because my god, he sounded like he just wanted the entire Starbucks and the person he was chatting with to go deaf. I MEAN DOOOD, too loud no?

But as i observe him, he wasn’t angry because his body language was saying things like he was chilling, he was cool and he didn’t mean trouble and he just has a loud voice because when he was ordering coffee, he apologized to the barista and said he was born to be loud.

And i actually giggled when i heard that.

so yeah nothing interesting at all.

Toodle dee you guys!



It is hard,

Ever so often i asked to be left alone,
Because i am scared about what people would think of me
When they see my scares, when they see how vulnerable i can be

The though itself scares me
I, the one who is always strong
I, the one who always smile no matter what happen
I, the stubborn, the bitchy, the one who makes inappropriate jokes

am scared,

Will they still stay when they see how broken i really am,
Like a broken mirror who can’t be fix
with its crack showing

Will they stay when they see the real me?
The one that doesn’t always smile
The one that is vulnerable
The one who needs someone with her but she is afraid to say so

Ever so often i asked to be left alone
But this time, i need someone with me who won’t let go.



So tomorrow at Starbucks,


I know i have stopped writing because lets be honest,
2015 hasn’t exactly started on a good note and i am still trying to come into terms with what i have been facing.
How i am coping with it and that is why now i just write out my thoughts

For those who are uncomfortable,
Please feel free to leave because i do know some people will be uncomfortable and that will never be my intention
My purpose of writing my thoughts is to come into terms what my mind has cluttered thoughts about
No clue if that made sense
But i feel that i need to write it down to get it out.

For those who are still willing to read,
I thank you and welcome you on this rollercoster with me,
My journey will not have rainbows and everything nice
Sometimes it gets really morbid
Sometimes it can be really light

Anyway back to the topic at hand,
I love people watching and i haven’t been able to do that lately
So an impromptu decision was made
Tomorrow i shall head down to Starbucks and just people watch

And i will put my thoughts into writing and see where it goes?

i haven’t really thought about it but it seems pretty exciting.

so what do you say,

Want to go on this journey with me?



Frozen heart

Ever since the first day i talked to you,
You made my frozen heart beat
Like a frozen Popsicle
It is slowly melting

Your smile makes me smile
Simply because it looks good on you
That happiness glow
I want that too

But why,

Why aren’t you being truthful to me?
Why do people say things that i cannot see,
Why do you tell other differently from what you told me,

I, who is smitten
Why can i not see?

I, whose heart was meting froze up again,
I, who was smitten am taking a step back

Could i have been blinded all these while?



For the last time,

i just want to look in your eye for the last time
i just want to feel you and know that you are still here with me

The sadness, they never left
The scars they are starting to show again
And i can’t keep them hidden anymore
What do i do?

I want to run and hide but every time,
i see you more and more often
it scares me

Love, can’t you bring me with you?
The scars are scaring me and

I need you here with me,