wait what, the Korean line again? GURRLLLL


i am back!


I know i should probably call it a haul but haul are like mean for a lot of stuff and mine isn’t that much.

So this time, i went down to another store, the one i bugis or takashimaya ( i cannot even remember anymore) and this is what i bought but not all of them were bought in Singapore, some were bought by my friend in Korea itself!


This is by far my favorite eyeliner! It is cute and it is amazing! The ink is beautifully thick and it is waterproof, smudge proof (but not rub proof. This is actually pretty popular because this is from Korea as the ones in Singapore were out of stock and the stocks were not in yet.

I highly recommend this because it is a soft brush type, it is easy to draw even for a noob like me and it is waterproof and smudge proof. What else would you need?

However for those with oily eyelids, i suggest to put a primer beforehand because even if they might say smudge proof, it will smudge and i actually had that problem because i had oily lids previously and didn’t bother putting on primer or powder which cause it to smudge after some time so please heed my advice and use primer before hand so it was last through the day with no problems at all!


Now this is a rosemary sebum and pore lotion and i can assure you it smells wonderful and it does it job pretty well. Normally after washing my face, scrubbing it, i would use the volcanic pore toner followed by this and it has work wonders. my skin felt great, it felt soft and it help me get my sensitive skin back on track and feeling less irritated.


This would be called the green tea body cleanser and it smells like green tea but it is like any other soap, i really do not have anything special to say about it except your skin feel refreshed and you smell good and your skin doesn’t dry out, thats about it.



This is called the Mint green tea shampoo and it is wonderful and god sent. They changed the packaging now but besides that, it is amazing, it gives a cooling feeling to your scalp making you feel like you are really washing and cleaning your scalp and therefore, less odor especially when you live in a hot country and you sweat a lot, this is what you neeed.


The no sebum primer is a gel type, it melts onto your skin and it has a green tea ish, peppermint ish smell which is pleasant and i only use them for my eyelids because i have oily ones and it helps my make up to stay on and so far, it has been great!


This is a minimum toner from their minimum line which is suppose to be for sensitive skin but i would not actually recommend this. I think this is kind of your usual toner except it is mist type but i honestly prefer the volcanic pore toner because it really gets into your skin and it has more skin properties but if you don’t wish to spend a lot of your first toner, trying this would be an option although i won’t recommend it.



This is their lotion and i love the smell actually. It does smell like the sea and you doesn’t give off that sticky feeling that some lotion give off after you put it on. I don’t think their lotion is anything special because there is many lotions in the Korean market and majority of them are about the same. The only difference is just the smell and this smells like the sea.

and  finally, we have come to an end!

i know that must have been a lot to read but i do believe it is important to tell a product how it is then saying all the good stuff and covering the bad parts and when you buy it, that disappointment you feel is amazing so you can rest assure that i will tell things how it is and it might not be suitable for everyone because we all have different skin.

that is all for now!

toodle dee you guys!




Ah, there goes the Korean idol and his cosmetic line

i have a face clay mask actually on while writing this because today is all about BEAUTY BEAUTY


We, humans are always chasing after beauty because we all crave for that perfection and especially when you are me, you are still chasing that and always trying new product which gives your skin the most benefit because we only have one face unless you redo the whole face with surgery,

not sure if it would be counted as 2 face or 1 face because its a lil weird,

you have a face but you changed your face so does that mean you have 2 face/ 2 looks or just 1?


Have you guys ever heard of this Korean Cosmetic brand INNISFREE?

If you haven’t, this is your lucky day!

i know there is many Korean brands out there and it really is a lot but they are my current favorite because it is a nature brand that shares the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju and pursues an eco-friendly green life to preserve the balance of nature ( i actually got this from their website and all i understood was natural brand, eco life and awesome products)

i honestly believe that natural product or product containing more natural ingredients are better for your skin because more chemical = the more your skin becomes sensitive and when that happens, you are screwed but your skin looks angry being red all over and it makes you lose confidence which is a sad thing so i am here to help! ( Well hopefully i can)

Now my skin type is Sensitive and dry and to me, the key in knowing what product to look at is knowing your own skin type so i urge everyone to know your skin inside out because it is very important.

So the current ambassador for the brand is Yoona from SNSD and Lee Minho, the pretty boy actor.

I actually like lee minho because he has a pretty smile but i don’t really watch his dramas, the role he plays are the usual rich kids and it get very repeated and predictable but he is a good actor but i like his smile more,


Singapore has like 2 or 3 innisfree store and i happened to chance upon the one at Dhoby Ghaut and i was over the moon because i am a fan of Korean cosmetic and because i love the brand so i went a little wow and bought a number of stuff.


I had gotten the volcanic pore scrub, volcanic pore strips, anti trouble cream, green tea mask, gel eyeliner and i had gotten the pore kit as a gift for spending along with the hanky,

20140612_204055 20140612_204101

This is the volcanic pore scrub and i really like this because i feel that it cleans your face really well and your skin really feels fresh afterwards but they are not as effective because the scrubs are foamed up and they do clean well but not as well as those coarse scrubs.

20140612_211816 20140612_211827

This has to be one of my most favourite! It really is good and it has these tightening/ slightly heaty or some might say cooling factor and i would actually recommend this to anyone who likes to use pore strips.


I actually though this lotion would actually prevent pimple but not really however it does give off a wonderful cooling sensation which makes your skin much calmer and less angry especially for those with sensitive skin like mine. It is good for putting on a night when you feel that your skin feels upset and needs a little pick me up, by all  means, get this!


This is like the whole Volcanic pore series trial kit and i highly recommend this line because it really works. I own their scrub, their toner which is my absolute favorite and their clay mask which is amazing! I do not own their essence and the normal clay mask because i picked the deep cleansing one and i am clueless how to use the essence.

So anyone with pore trouble, i highly, totally recommend this series.

In Singapore, this line is pretty popular because it seems often to be out of stock because it works but some might find it pricey and alternatively, you can try get it from someone who is going to Korea or online Korean shops that sells the product at a cheaper rate but be warn, the shipping is a bomb so you might want to gather a few friends to buy it together,

20140613_055609 20140613_055531

So that sums up my Innisfree beauty buy however there is more to come!

toodlee dee for now you guys!,





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