So tomorrow at Starbucks,


I know i have stopped writing because lets be honest,
2015 hasn’t exactly started on a good note and i am still trying to come into terms with what i have been facing.
How i am coping with it and that is why now i just write out my thoughts

For those who are uncomfortable,
Please feel free to leave because i do know some people will be uncomfortable and that will never be my intention
My purpose of writing my thoughts is to come into terms what my mind has cluttered thoughts about
No clue if that made sense
But i feel that i need to write it down to get it out.

For those who are still willing to read,
I thank you and welcome you on this rollercoster with me,
My journey will not have rainbows and everything nice
Sometimes it gets really morbid
Sometimes it can be really light

Anyway back to the topic at hand,
I love people watching and i haven’t been able to do that lately
So an impromptu decision was made
Tomorrow i shall head down to Starbucks and just people watch

And i will put my thoughts into writing and see where it goes?

i haven’t really thought about it but it seems pretty exciting.

so what do you say,

Want to go on this journey with me?




Frozen heart

Ever since the first day i talked to you,
You made my frozen heart beat
Like a frozen Popsicle
It is slowly melting

Your smile makes me smile
Simply because it looks good on you
That happiness glow
I want that too

But why,

Why aren’t you being truthful to me?
Why do people say things that i cannot see,
Why do you tell other differently from what you told me,

I, who is smitten
Why can i not see?

I, whose heart was meting froze up again,
I, who was smitten am taking a step back

Could i have been blinded all these while?



For the last time,

i just want to look in your eye for the last time
i just want to feel you and know that you are still here with me

The sadness, they never left
The scars they are starting to show again
And i can’t keep them hidden anymore
What do i do?

I want to run and hide but every time,
i see you more and more often
it scares me

Love, can’t you bring me with you?
The scars are scaring me and

I need you here with me,



I Believe it is time, to let go


you guys have no idea how many times i actually backspace what i wrote but i honestly just don’t know how to put it out there.

we have been hurt and thus, the walls were built.
As high and mighty there are, we make ourselves believe we are safe,
Safe from everything that can make us cry
But honey, you know that is a lie
The higher the walls grow, the more lonely it becomes

Just liked a caged bird,



Probably page 25 of 356 by now,

When i like/ love or even care for someone, your gender never plays any role in it because i have accepted you as you are and i don’t think about anything else and this is probably why when i fall for someone, i throw gender out of the window.

No one really knew what happened to us,
A lot of people assumed and even though who thought they knew
I can say that they really don’t know.
They saw us fight but did they really knew what was going on inside of us?

I never planned to write or mention about you because it is nearly 3 years and
i know for a fact that you hated me and i believe it was my fault we became like this
I was a fool to be honest, i jumped too fast and i leave too fast
And i always wondered why, why would you even stick by someone like me.

Don’t get me wrong, i have always cared about you,
Before and after everything that happened,
Through the fights and the words we threw at each other insensitively,
I honestly cared about you and i know for a fact you do read my wordpress and
I just wanted to say, i’m sorry.

I am sorry we fucked up
But i didn’t regret leaving you, you must know that
We brought out the worst in each other, the most horrible nature we have,
We brought it out of one another
I thought this was the best way for us to break the cycle.

Remember the fight we had, that changed everything,
That made everything went downhill to the point i was insensitive and you were clingy.
looking back, i realized we both never had a chance to talk about it,
We let the assumptions rule and we began tearing each other apart.
We stopped caring and let our nails draw blood.

Looking back, it was pretty painful really.
I do regret what i have said and how i acted,
I was the reason you cheated on me and
I hated the fact you were tearing yourself apart trying to get back at me
like our fight were not enough.

When you were angry when you told me to leave and i left without looking back
i knew you were crying but i couldn’t make myself turn to comfort you
Because i realized if i went back, we will never stop trying to hurt each other
And in the end, we might try to kill each other.
I never wanted that and i am truly sorry.

Wherever you are, just know i want you to be happy
You deserved to be happy after what we have been through
You deserve to have someone who makes you smile so wide
And who will love you so right
The way i can never.



Page 24 of 356

it is officially the 24th of January in Singapore and it is 24 days passed new year and my new year resolution and would it be too late if i still wish everyone?

But what not, i am still going to wish everyone


Now here is the thing, after the wishing comes the resolutions and might have been pretty much been the same or to say, i never gave much thought of it because i am a fickle minded person and yeah, you know what happens after that but i was on tumblr and i saw this,

2014 was a roller coaster for me. Internship was a bitch but i survived and i am actually pretty thankful for it because it really opened my eyes to what the medical life really was like and now that i am doing FYP, it feels like a desk bond job which i get some people really like but i’m not the kind to sit still.

After since my birthday, things really went downhill from there. I was struggling to keep up with work, life, studies, exam and pretty much everything else then my brother came back out of no where and i had to provide for him as well and it really put much stress on me because i was not earning much but family is family and i would do anything to protect them.

With that being said, i was struggling yet i managed to find joy, my new work. Working in the museum is an eyeopener, i am not kidding. I have seen art in it’s various forms and i always wondered ” What inspires them, can i ever be like them, to proudly hold my own artwork exhibition,”

I wondered a lot honestly and from there, it shaped my new year resolution.


– continue my 2014 resolution to get fit and lose weight
– To find joy’s in the little things in every aspect of my life no matter how hard life gets
– To be financially independent
– To stop jumping in head first and take a moment to breathe.
– Spend more time with the family.
– To read 19 books by the end of this year!

And what my friends want me to include,

To curse less and be a better person when playing games and to not drink coffee and get so hyper that by 7pm, i turn into grumpy cat.

On a quick side note,

They most definitely are and just keeping hanging in there!

Toodle dee!



Till my dying breathe,

My body
My body remembers you
I remember even now
though I put away the pictures
of us smiling together
and empty out my heart
that was filled with you

Though I empty my heart
My body remembers you
the memory
the more I erase it,
the more vivid it gets
the memory
the more I hate it,
it comes closer like a…

Younha – Memory feat Tablo

Do you remember?

Those rooftop conversations, those smiles and those laughter that could wake the whole neighborhood.

oh wait, silly me.

How can someone dead remember anything but it is those living who are stuck in the loop of their own memories, their sadness.

but honey, you’re safe right now, where the demons in your head can’t get you.

i’m not Vegan but this vegan cafe could be my next thing!

Hello everyone!

it has been a long time since i wrote something here and i am here to tell you guys regarding the new Vegan cafe located at Novena!

It is called The Real food


Now i am no Vegan, lets get that straight. I love food and i love my meat but sometimes we have those moments where we eat too much meat or unhealthy stuff and we feel horrbile and decide it is time for a clean diet or something minus the meat and what perfect way it is then to go Vegan for the day!

Now this place has a cat cafe vibe going and i am not kidding.


See all them shelves? Perfect for a cat cafe for cats to climb out of reach to go anywhere and everywhere especially to escape from the human grabby hands!

Now The Real Food serves Ice cream, main dishes, appetizers and a wide range of drinks which all of them are made from Organic ingredients and this cafe is 100% Vegan or so they say.

Now while looking through the menu, i do believe they are slightly on an average cafe pricing so that ranges from like $8 till $14 depending what you order.

Now for pictures galore!

20141226_170237_Richtone(HDR) 20141226_171009_Richtone(HDR)

Ice cream were priced at $4 and this is chocolate which tasted more like dark chocolate and Hazelnut. Museli was an additional $1

20141226_171259_Richtone(HDR) 20141226_171349_Richtone(HDR)

Now what interest me was their Decor. The had this lamp with a lot of paper which has words and drawing on it as their lamp and the shelves were filled with this bags which was nice and yellow and very structured which got a thumbs up from me cause they looked cool!

20141226_170256_Richtone(HDR) 20141226_170347_Richtone(HDR)

What i love about the decor is that it is very relaxed and it is not overall cluttered unless you are in the shop itself because they have a variety of products for sale!

So to me, it really is the perfect place to chill and feel healthy because everything is not only organic, Vegan but it is easy on the eyes with the wide spaces and interesting decor!

Now you can find them at

the real food

Also check them out at

Have fun and be Vegan for a day!

Toodles dee you guys!





Hello you wonder wonderful wonder people!

On 6-7 December was ma birthday weekend which i of course didn’t go to party, instead i skipped work to spend time with my family because granny’s birthday was on the 6th of December and mine was on the 7th of December so the whole family decide to go for a buffet on the 6th of December and we all had a good time! Well, not really, the food was horrible and the selection was pretty little and not very tasty except for the Laska which still was,

and just before they were closing, the staff surprised me with this!


i was super duper surprised because it was really unexpected and we go there like every year and i had never gotten a cake from the staff before so this was really a nice change but the problem was i am not a huge fan of cream cake but nevertheless, i chow down on it because it was super nice of them and i really appreciated the effort!

After a filling buffet dinner, we all went to meet my auntie’s first son who is married and already has kids at a nearby Macd because the kids wanted to go playground and you would think the older ones including me to sit out and chill at Macd cafe, you were wrong, we all jumped at the opportunity to play at the playground and brought the little kids with us and we were having fun running around and trying things. This shows just because you are older, does not mean you can’t enjoy yourself and we went back at nearly 12am and i was surprised when the birthday wishes started coming in!

I am the kind of person that does not need the whole world to wish me but only those close to me and i had to unfortunately work on my birthday which was a bummer but it was nice to see familiar faces and the next day was a schooling day and got home from work just to do my Final Year Project log sheet 2 and slept late and woke up early to continue it and i had exams in the afternoon.

And something small and shitty happened but i put that past and my best friend came and  she gave me this!


It was a Pre-Birthday gift as she told em the actual one was coming at the end of the year but OH MY GOD! IT’S MINT IMPERIALS IN A MASON JAR!!!! I mean what else would you need when you have that and a hand written letter by the people who love you? Well she didn’t give me the calculator and the Asian geographic magazine ( which is mine and it finally came on time!!)

All that happened on Monday and on Tuesday, I received another gift,


IT IS LIKE A TOTAL OH YESSS! you guys know how much i love innisfree and i literally cannot live without their shampoo because it really does clean the scalp and the little package was from Bayu and there were earrings inside! me love them too! And the box was a patootie pie! It has horses or pony and it was super cute!

And a week before that, Kitty kart, one of my bestfriend came over to my place to hang and i unfortunately got a flu on that day and was sneezing my nose off but before she left, she gave me this!


No words can express how blessed i am to receive such wonderful and amazing gift from the people i love and cherish! I know i can be a shitty person at times, i curse too much, i nag too much and sometimes i bitch too much but thank you for sticking by me till the very end and surprising me!

I love you guys very muchie!

And that concludes my birthday weekends and surprises!

toddle dee you guys!




a really quick update, wells that whats she said.

Hello you guys!

A real quick, very quick update!

So lately i have been swamped with Final Year project, work and school and my birthday has just passed so i was also busy with my birthday weekends where we went for a buffet dinner with the whole family!


Exciting news! 

Finally this year, i am getting to travel with my whole extended family which includes my cousins and aunties and this is a very rare moment because it rarely happens and the last time a family vaca like this happened, was nearly 3 years ago and not everyone was there so it is pretty exciting! Even though it is not very far, it is pretty exciting to travel with all your loved ones!

Another thing was,




So very Christmas themed, i like!


And they had a new flavor which was spiced orange which is the top orange macaroon and it is my goodness yummy! It hinted of orange and spices and amazingly it blends really well together!


Another quick update was Anime Festival was in town from 5-7 December 2014!


So i went on the day it opened which was on the 5th of December and thus, did not take any pictures because most of the stalls were setting up and i came late like about 7 pm whereas they closed at 9 pm because i had school and was rushing around town to get my twinny Pre-birthday gift because i won’t be in town to wish her and might not get internet on time so i bought her TWG macaroons which she requested and it was exciting but i honestly felt like a fish out of water because i did not know much of the anime that was on display and i do watch anime and i honestly loved them but i wasn’t those really fanatics one and yeah.

Me and twinny got lost inside the convention hall itself because it was big! Bigger then the one at expo and i was going everywhere trying to hunt down my Tokyo ghoul ( ONE OF ZE BEST ! SEASON 2 PREMIERS ON 8 JANUARY! MARK YO CALENDER!!)  merchandise but there was not a lot and most of them were kinda sold out, sadly but on a better note, i saw a few familiar anime like Black butler, Hunter x hunter ( Which still haven’t ended!), one piece ( Still not ending as well), Hozuki ( No season 2?) and Attack of Titan ( I really need to watch this!) but yeah, majority of the things that were sold were some girl anime? And i was surprised there were not a lot of Kill La Kill Merch as well ( I thought that was very famous since it was super ecchi ?)

but overall i had a good time with my twinny and i look forward to the next Anime fest here in Singapore!

Toodle dee you guys!