i’m not Vegan but this vegan cafe could be my next thing!

Hello everyone!

it has been a long time since i wrote something here and i am here to tell you guys regarding the new Vegan cafe located at Novena!

It is called The Real food


Now i am no Vegan, lets get that straight. I love food and i love my meat but sometimes we have those moments where we eat too much meat or unhealthy stuff and we feel horrbile and decide it is time for a clean diet or something minus the meat and what perfect way it is then to go Vegan for the day!

Now this place has a cat cafe vibe going and i am not kidding.


See all them shelves? Perfect for a cat cafe for cats to climb out of reach to go anywhere and everywhere especially to escape from the human grabby hands!

Now The Real Food serves Ice cream, main dishes, appetizers and a wide range of drinks which all of them are made from Organic ingredients and this cafe is 100% Vegan or so they say.

Now while looking through the menu, i do believe they are slightly on an average cafe pricing so that ranges from like $8 till $14 depending what you order.

Now for pictures galore!

20141226_170237_Richtone(HDR) 20141226_171009_Richtone(HDR)

Ice cream were priced at $4 and this is chocolate which tasted more like dark chocolate and Hazelnut. Museli was an additional $1

20141226_171259_Richtone(HDR) 20141226_171349_Richtone(HDR)

Now what interest me was their Decor. The had this lamp with a lot of paper which has words and drawing on it as their lamp and the shelves were filled with this bags which was nice and yellow and very structured which got a thumbs up from me cause they looked cool!

20141226_170256_Richtone(HDR) 20141226_170347_Richtone(HDR)

What i love about the decor is that it is very relaxed and it is not overall cluttered unless you are in the shop itself because they have a variety of products for sale!

So to me, it really is the perfect place to chill and feel healthy because everything is not only organic, Vegan but it is easy on the eyes with the wide spaces and interesting decor!

Now you can find them at

the real food

Also check them out at https://www.facebook.com/RealFoodNovena

Have fun and be Vegan for a day!

Toodles dee you guys!




Throwback : Japan goodies

So earlier this year, My friends went on a school trip to Japan, Fukoka if i am not mistaken and i was super jealous because i have always wanted to go to Japan but i couldn’t because everyone has their own reason so the next best thing i could do was ask them to bring back some stuff for me.



Yam Flavored Kit Kat!


The usual Strawberry Flavored Kit Kat,

so one important thing that i told my friend to get was a Japanese good luck charm because i saw some of them online and they looked amazing and she did get me one although i wishes i had told her to buy more,



She had gotten me this Sakura bell because of the sakura season and sakura means Cherry blossom 😀

And last but not least, I asked her to buy for me a Starbucks Tumblr from Japan and saw a few nice ones however they were out of stock and decided to get myself a gold one which i totally adore!



I found it totally pretty and the great thing about this tumblr was you can keep any cold and hot drinks and it would remain at that temperature for 8 hours straight! I have proven it myself 🙂

And if you realized there were 2 big yellow boxes which were tokyo banana and everyone seems to love them except me because i am totally not a huge fan of banana and eating it actually made me feel sick.

For those who are wondering,

Tokyo banana looks like this,

(Clicky click)

It is basically some sort of sponge cake filled with Banana custard that weirdly made me sick after eating it and i acutally puked it out so yeah, Banana and me don’t go well together.

So that’s all for now,

AND anyone heading to Japan or is able to get for me Japanese Charm, please kindly tell me because i still want some more to hang on my bag and keys! Thanks in advance!

Toodle dee you guys!



I know you, i walked with you once upon a dream~

Hey guys!

Lately i have been crazy busy with my intern/attachment and i only have the weekends to rest but during the weekends, i am either busy going out with the family as my mom complains that i don’t spend time with the family and forcefully drags me out with emotional blackmail or doing the housework and cooking like a part time housewife.

However i finally managed to catch up on a movie called Maleficent which has been the talk for months even before the movie was out because this would be a darker twist to the normal Disney movies that we grew up with and let’s be honest, who here has never watch a single Disney movie in their life?

I literally grew up with Disney movies and if i asked me to pick a favourite, i simple can’t because i loved Mulan, the lion king ( this movie made me name my male cat Nala because i taught it was a female at first ) , the little mermaid ( and this movie made me believe that mermaid was real and i was inspired to be one so i took up swimming and that dream was crashed when i grew older and people told me mermaid weren’t real ), Aladdin ( i actually asked my mom for a flying carpet ) and so much more!

I was pretty excited when i found out the modern remake of Sleeping beauty was going to have a darker twist and months went by and the wait got too long but i told myself i had to watch it and i went with my parents and i give this movie 4/5 because it was nearly perfection! The graphic was amazing, the storyline was kept interesting and thank god it wasn’t a musical number like what they did in the movie or it would have threw me off because too much singing tends to get very irritating like how the 3 fairy blessed baby princess aurora in the original movie.

So my thought on the movie?

Lets start with the synopsis,

From Disney comes Maleficent-the untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain from the 1959 classic Sleeping Beauty. A beautiful, pure-hearted young woman, Maleficent has an idyllic life growing up in a peaceable forest kingdom, until one day when an invading army threatens the harmony of the land. Maleficent rises to be the land’s fiercest protector, but she ultimately suffers a ruthless betrayal-an act that begins to turn her pure heart to stone. Bent on revenge, Maleficent faces an epic battle with the invading king’s successor and, as a result, places a curse upon his newborn infant Aurora. As the child grows, Maleficent realizes that Aurora holds the key to peace in the kingdom-and perhaps to Maleficent’s true happiness as well. 


As i said before. i would give this movie  4/5 because the graphic was amazing, the storyline was kept interesting, it was kept witty and funny especially between Diaval and Maleficent  but also, it taught us that true love or the purity of love doesn’t have to exist only between men and women. It could be among friends, your family members or perhaps someone who you may not now but you fell like you have a special bond with them. The purity of love comes when we fully accept someone for who they are and we don’t wish to change a single thing about them like in this movie, Maleficent purity of love for Aurora was from when Aurora was a child. From maleficent first saw her till the day she was all grown up, she had never wanted to change Aurora yet she became her guardian angel even after calling Aurora Beastie.

but this movie also showcase the human nature, our greed. we all have been in the position where we want something and we thought or might have betrayed someone we loved just to achieve it like how King stefan, a peasant boy betrayed Maleficent just to be king and he was not remorseful even after he had cut away Maleficent wings and grew paranoid thinking she was forever after him and this is what greed does. It brings out the worst in us and makes us go a downward spiral of destruction.

The other 1/5 would have came from the scene where the 3 fairy who took care of Aurora were planning her surprise birthday which was them making the cake and dress without magic


cause it would have been hilarious! but sadly it was not included.

My most favourite moments of this movie was 

Angelina giving her puppy face before breaking into a smile,

Diaval get smashed in the face with a glob of mud,


Any scene with Angelina and her beautiful eagle like wings,

and any scene with Diaval because he is such a cutie and loved it when he turned into a dragon!


and of course, any scene with Aurora or ellen fanning which is probably the whole move but my god she is flawless and her smile!


and lastly angelina jolie’s make up. I swear to god her red lips are totally on point and her eyes! Her sparkling eyes!


And to end of everything, i highly, super highly recommend this movie because it is awesome and such an amazing twist and i had to make sure i didn’t give too much spoilers because it will ruin the whole story and the outfits are amazing! i loved everyone single one of it and actually i kind of thought diaval would be Aurora’s prince charming because they are so cute together but it would have strayed too far from the storyline, Oh well. 






Haul, haul and more stuff!


This was about 2 month or 3 months ago haul where i treated myself to 3 books and a facial cleansing wipes! I love reading because it is awesome and it really lets your mind wander at every single possibility and you learn better English. So out of these 3 books, i managed to read Ellen Degeneres : Seriously i’m kidding and i loved it! I had always been a huge Fan of her’s and getting to read what was inside her mind was priceless ( except for the price of the book). The book was light hearted, funny and witty. Something totally her and you feel as though she was talking to you in the book and i enjoyed it and would recommend it to you guys who is looking for a light hearted book! I bought facial cleansing wipes because i am lazy especially when i get home late and all i want to do is hit the sack, these help me alot. It is not advisable to sleep with your make up because they clogged your pores and you are bound to find a new pimple the next day so it is recommended to wash your face before bed and cleansing wipes actually does a half decent job at it. They help you wipe off your make up so you can hit the sack faster. I bought this from etude house and i won’t really recommend it to people because it doesn’t really wipe off your make up properly and it makes your face really sticky and very uncomfortable really. My suggestion, try a different range from etude house or other brands.


So about 2 months ago, i decided to buy a foundation for Hari raya because i read online and people reviewed that Foundation often last for sometimes and gives the illusion of better skin and looks more picture perfect so i decided to buy one and i have never used foundation before. All this time, i used BB cream because it was like a tinted sunblock and it felt really light on my skin like a second skin and it blended really well. So because i had limited time, i started looking online because it was cheaper and they deliver to your house and chosen Shu eumura which was a Japanese brand and it had alot of positive review.


It blended really well into my skin and i liked it because my skin didn’t get really shiny after a few hours and i could easily maintain it with compact powder however the foundation is kinda runny and if you use it on its own like that, it would feel really dry on your skin and not at all comfortable unless you have oily skin i guess but what i would recommend would be use a primer or bb cream or even moisturiser before hand and put this foundation on top and Vola! Pretty skin for a picture day!

make up haul    20130808_000632


This was my haul for last month a week before Hari raya! I went shopping at the new shopping mall called JEM which is located beside Jurong MRT station and i love JEM! It is so spacious, big and it has everything there! It’s like the mini orchard road! So what i bought at JEM was Bobbi brown compact powder, Sephora anniversary body scrub and MC lipstick named REBEL. I am the type that would usually buy thing according to recommendation or review because they seem more reliable than my own judgement because apparently i make alot of bad judgement when it comes to make up and ended up having too much stuff till i had to give away because they weren’t my shade or my skin couldn’t handle them and so far, i am loving it! It feels light and it fits my skin tone and after using the powder, my skin looks smooth! I wanted to buy bobbi brown lipstick because i found the perfect shade for me but both shade that was perfect for me was out of stock and i ended buying MAC lipstick because if i don’t use lipstick, people would start asking me if i was sick and lipstick can make a huge difference and give you that awesome pop of colour you need. Sephora body scrub was so yummy smelling that i had to get it and the excuse i gave myself, ” my bodyy scrub was finishing ”

so that is all for now!

much love,


rants : girl gamer

Hi guys, sorry for the MIA-ness for the past few weeks. Been busy with hari raya outing and people coming over and of course school. Been such a drag and holla for me cause today was the last day of school. 

Today’s rant is about girl gamers! i love them, like i think they are the coolest people in the world! 

I mean you can beat a guy at their own game or complete a mission as good as the guys and that is so cool and they can go for like more than 10 hours just playing their game with minimal toilet break and the only time i would even face my laptop for more than 8 hours is when I’m doing on-line shopping or watching my drama but i do hate the feminist concept most people have on girl gamers! 

Like a few days ago, i was talking to someone who just completed COD ( call of duty) i think. Even though i didn’t complete the game, i still played it and the conversation went like this. 

Him : oh my god rai, I was up all night playing COD! The game is the bomb. 

Me : Call of duty? Yeah totally. it kept me up all night too. 

Him: Wait, you know what is COD? you play it? 

Me : LIke duh! everyone knows it! 

and he then proceed to start quizzing me on the game and to be honest, i got pissed off because it is so hard to believe that i, a lady, a women, a growing teenager plays COD? 

and after all that quizzing, he invited me to play with him one day. 


There is no way i am going to play with a guy who just judge me! like he is not going to judge me when i play with them and this i know from experience. 

So yeah, i think gamer girls are cool and i’ll show you a chart that will help you identify a proper gamer girl. 

found this on the internet and this is so true!

Lets all be realistic here, gamer girls come in all different shapes and sizes like how guys comes in different size and there are some really pretty gamer girl but if you play with this girl and she doesn’t curse or just go “Don’t hate me cause i play video game ” 

She ain’t a true blue gamer girl. 

True blue gamers curse the shit out of people and for a second there, people would think a demon has possessed our body because the amount of curses are too damn high!

now why do i say this? 

I might not be a very active gamer girl in the sense that i only play games that interest me and most of them are first player shooter game, action, adventure or fighting games like  Dead or Alive series. I would rush home just to play that but i have stepped into a LAN shop to play games like L4D 1 and 2 and i can tell you, i curse like a mother bitch and i still curse after the game is over and I’ll admit it, i have a rather foul mouth when gaming is involved for example 

me : *Cursing to my heart content *

Friends : chill it is just a game. 

Me : Chill?! that mother of a useless bitch just tried to kill me. I’ll slap the living daylight out of him * continues cursing and mumbling to myself  while playing the game* 

My friends were speechless and now i think they have grown use to it because if we play a game all together, they just let me curse or even curse with me and let me cool down before talking about how the game play was. It takes a few minute for me to get out of my gaming zone to my normal less foul mouth state. 

but whatever it is, girl gamer are the bomb and guys should start respecting them because they can whoop your ass and treat them like a fellow gamer as well, not just some random chick who plays video games for attention. Not everyone is like that. 

Love you guys!


Ramadan day 9 & awfully chocolate

So this would be my second time typing this post because i accidently pressed back and the whole post was lost when it was 99% completed but bad things just seem to happen, 

so anyway hello there! 

So anyway ramadan day 9 fell on a Thursday which was also the first day of my exams and my counselling module! 

it started as a cold morning and i was so tempted to stay home but i couldn’t and i went to school with my friend as normal and we were grumbling about the exam as we haven’t gotten back all our results and here they are making us take another exam. Annoying right? 

Headed to class and my counselling facilitator is honestly a very perky person! She is so nice and happy especially in the morning and you can’t like be mad at her for being so happy in the morning and you can only afford to smile and she asked for my help to take attendance and to take down note for those who was late and to tell them which team they would be in. 

the day passed smoothly with a whole lot of roleplaying and me dreading for my exams later as i was already starting to mentally prepare myself for the failure of today’s paper and one of my team mates asked if i did my revision and i told her i just read through the Revision slides and told her i was mentally preparing to fail and she laughed asking why and you see here was the faceplam moment of the century. 

My paper for the day was Human disease but there i was confidently telling her about Management accounting until she corrected me and that was when i started to panic and asked her to help me refresh my memory on what my Human disease facilitator asked us to study and went about finding notes while looking through some online shopping website ( Yes, i know i should stop but it’s so hard! ) 

So came to class half prepared and OH MY GOD! about 10 essay question with like 2-3 parts in it to be done in 45 min, trust me, i rushed like crazy!

After exam, met my friend and went home together and i got ready to go out because i was meeting one of my girls to hang out as my parent’s were out at malacca ( which is part of malaysia) for a night and no school night curfew! 

For me, my curfew only exist from monday to friday which are schooling days and when it comes to the weekends, goodbye my curfew! 

So We meet at about 830 plus plus and went to get her stuff before heading to spatula bakery for cupcakes only to find it close. So we kept wondering around and stumbled upon awfully chocolate! 

No second option needed, we both went in and was captivated with the cakes and the yummy chocolate smell!. 

So fifa got awfully chocolate signature milk and poached dark chocolate while i got Lemon yoghurt cake and Iced butterscotch milk. 



Yes, their chocolate milk is served in a shot glass and it is superbly cute! The taste is very rich and as fifa says ” taste like a very rich chocolate milk from dutch lady ”  and it’s kinda costly too. About $8-9 for this, you tell me if it is worth it. 



I swear by all things chocolatey , this is a must try! its called poached dark chocolate and it is basically a slab of dark chocolate in its purest form served with vanilla flavoured cream and oh my god, it was so good! It doesn’t taste that bitter and paired with the cream, its like a match-made in heaven!  I am not a fan of dark chocolate but if i ever go there again, this is what I’m getting. 



meet my lemon yoghurt cake and this is very yummy! I like how the lemon taste isn’t that strong and the layer below all the cream, the biscuit like layer there is actually very good! It’s not too hard and its flavourful but the only downside to this is for me, it was too creamy and i am not a big fan of creamy cakes but for those who are looking for a creamy refreshing cake with citrus bits in it, this is your cake. 

We both then stopped by fatboys and i ordered a take away burger but that was the only food outlet opened and we both cab home because it was already late and fifa was working at 7am the next day. 

Anyway much love you guys, 


ramadan day 3!

Ramadan day 3 was on a friday!


Friday means the last day of school for the week and Hello my weekends!

On friday, i woke up feeling sick, like really sick! I kept sniffling and coughing and i went to check on my Judo Gi because i washed it on Wednesday night and only on Thursday morning, i was black marks on it and went to wash it about 3 more times because i was completely satisfied.

To my complete horror, it was still pretty much damp and i couldn’t possibly use that to training because i just can’t and made a decision to skip training (Yet again) and told V about it. Thank god V had a family dinner so she won’t be coming as well.

Got ready for school and one of my girls, Ikha texted me asking me to go home with her which i happily obliged because i haven’t seen her for a couple of days and i missed her! so headed to school and came to class late ( Yet again ) and the first thing i did when i entered the class and saw my facilitator,

I smiled!

My facilitator ended up smiling as well and went on with the lesson while i sat down and slowly caught up with the lesson. Now this facilitator likes to throw a series of question at me unexpectedly and apparently today’s topic was about the endocrine system and their disease and she was talking about Diabetes which my grandma has it and i could easily answer her question much to her delight ( score!)

now, the interesting thing about today was every time my friend asked me to take half day with her , which we call partial, i kept telling her no and kept motivating her to stay in class and when i told her ” Let’s just partial ” she did the same thing to me. She kept motivating me and this went on for half of the day wiith both of us trying to stay in class for the full day and not partial.

Class ended ( thank god! ) and i met my friend. We were planning to meet my other friend to break fast together but now that girl, she would probably end late so we decide to crash at my house first and break fast there. we got macD Mcspicy and went to my house and waited.

We both actually managed to fall asleep for a while and woke up just in time to break our fast and i swear to god, Mcspicy is heaven sent! Yes, it is extremely spicy but it’s super yummy especially when you add cheese slice to it! After that, we clear up and went to meet my friend at parkway parade which was about 30 min bus ride from my house and my night suddenly got more interesting and funny!

Being which the ones you are close with and who knows you best can turn any situation or any piece of news into a funny joke which was what we kept doing and i have never felt so happy  on that day!

Yes, i had some good laugh the previous month but it isn’t the same especially when you are with your favourite people! your smile just naturally turns like this

we headed to coffee bean and tea leaf for yummy ice blended drinks and just catching up with each other and making jokes till the mall was about to close.

we then headed home and my day was awesome even though there was this small kid running around and pretty much wasn’t looking at his surrounding and ran straight into my leg. I did managed to give him a death stare but it turned into a smile as soon as the kid looked up and looked all innocent and surprised and his mom apologised so it was okay.

One of my pet peeves is bumping into people, not the one where you meet an old friend but those that involve body contact like the kid bumping straight into my leg and i will , without a doubt, give you a death stare but if you apologise, my anger will lessen and I’ll probably say “it’s okay!” and continue on my way happily

but for those who bump into people and act like its our fault when it is their’s esp parents who let their children running around loose and give us a black face when your child bump into us,

you, my friend, just died on my mind and i’m killing you again and again.

anyway that aside, i mean, what’s life without your favourite people with some yummy ice blended drinks?

much love you guys,


rants : H and something funny

Hello ma readers, sorry for the haitus. 

My grandpa just died last week and honestly everything has been gloomy. Its painful because 6 months ago, my favourite girl passed away and now he went away. My heart is struggling so much right now. 

anyway i met this friend name H. 

He is definitely an interesting character and what i like about us is our friendship was based on mutual respect. We are total opposite like

He loves soccer more than life and you would never catch me watching soccer unless i am forced too. 

He hates horror and i am a horror freak! 

He does not like animals because it is troublesome but i love animals

and in all that we disagree, we found respect and that is amazing. 

but now, i feel sad for him. He has been facing some problems and i feel sad because he won’t tell people about it and prefers to be a ticking time bomb. As much as i want to be the trigger that makes him explode and make him feel better, I can’t. 

we stopped talking as well and i feel sad because he was one of the person who i found so interesting and he stands out and his smile is adorable! 

H, i wanna see you smile and if i was given the chance to blow you up and make all the sadness go away. I would. I honestly don’t care if you end up screaming or hating me but as long as you feel better and stop being a ticking time bomb, i would be happy.

Anyway moving onnnn, 

something really weird and funny happen on Friday! 

I actually bumped into my judo captain. Now as you know, he is also my eyecandy and he look so cute!

anyway i was sitting in the library waiting for my friend to finish class when he came out of this meeting room (nosily i might add )  in the library and we both made eye contact. you know that moment where you both are staring at each other trying to figure out if you both really know each other until the realization hits you and you both end up looking like this 

so captain actually went “Oh shit ” and literally hide his face in his shirt! he pulled his shirt up and ended up covering part of his face and his friend ended up asking “What is wrong you both ” because i started laughing and covering my face in embarrassment. He told his friend to just quickly go off and it was so funny and weird! 

but it made him look so much more adorable! 

but when i see him again, i will have to do this 

anyway much love ma readers and thank you for hearing my rant. 


Rants : sugarless

I am not into Japanese drama because sometimes it comes off as cheesy but sugarless was amazing because there was fighting and comedy and a tad bit of romance and there actually is manga based on it! perhaps i should read the manga! 

Shiiba Gaku has transferred to Kushima High School which is called ‘Windmill’ because of the windmill monument on its rooftop. His ambition is to get to the top of the school. Bad boys like Tobe, the leader of Hydra, a gang of delinquents; and Shiro, rumoured to be the strongest of the first year students, crowd the school grounds. Gaku immediately picks a fight with Syake who now reigns atop the windmill, but is cut off by students who demand that he defeat them first if he wants to take on Syake. There are those that falter at the sight of the wild look in Shiiba’s glare. However, someone lands a punch on Shiiba’s face. His nose bleeds and he goes out cold. Even the school beauty Suwa Haruka is stunned by Shiiba’s loss. On his first day, Shiiba meets first year student Marumo Taiji. Marumo is disinterested in fighting and asks Shiiba, who has been provoking but losing successive fights, if there is meaning in competing for the top. 

credits http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Sugarless

My version of the synopsis, 

It is basically about a new transfer student who comes into Kushima High School and openly declare he will be the top and rants about how he will defeat syake ( the current top ) and challenges anyone who wants to be top as well as well as challenging the top 3 fighter in the first year and no 2 of the school which is in their second year which is their senpai. 

now lets meet the main people of this show! 

Throughout the series, i have grown to love all of them! Each of them had a difficult past and wanted to be top because of all the wrong reason till shiiba gaku came along. He made them realize what they were missing out and changed them. He changed them for the better and honestly shiiba gaku is such a comic relief! at every fight, something will definitely screw up but what makes people admire him is his perseverance. This boy does not know when to give up and actually ends up motivation those around him to do the same. 

And I heard majority of them are actually singers from a Japanese pop group called GENERATIONS and their song was used as the opening for sugarless. I swear the song is super addictive!


 one of my most favourite senpai,  Usui Masahiro as Kiryu Yoichiro (Kirio)

This boy right here is so cheeky! he is portrayed as a playboy calling all the girls he has ” Honey”  and the 2nd strongest in the school! he is well know for his invincible left fist but refuse to challenge syake again because he was afraid. He is actually a comedy relief at some point of time because of his cocky nature and English speaking words! 

now lets meet syake , the current top of the school

Well you got to admit, he is really pretty for a guy. Anyway this is syake also know as shake in the manga. This guy is really invincible and doesn’t really play much of a role till the few ending episode where we get to see him fight. 

Anyway what i really love about this show is how they always bring up the main point which is never to give up. I am a sucker for shows that has character development like this! Since the first till the last episode, we could really see how the character grew and developed and how they end up having mutual respect for each other and how their friendship grew. 

what i dislike : The ending seems like a cliffhanger! 

So i give this show a 4/5 because i really don’t think they need the girls in it. They were more like comic relief for me and didn’t really have a special role but i would still suggest for you guys to watch it because it is amazing and i was able to finish 12 episode in a day!


My favourite boyyyy! * sequels *

my new mantra : As long as you don´t give up, you haven´t lost – shiiba gaku

anyway much love ma readers,