i’m not Vegan but this vegan cafe could be my next thing!

Hello everyone!

it has been a long time since i wrote something here and i am here to tell you guys regarding the new Vegan cafe located at Novena!

It is called The Real food


Now i am no Vegan, lets get that straight. I love food and i love my meat but sometimes we have those moments where we eat too much meat or unhealthy stuff and we feel horrbile and decide it is time for a clean diet or something minus the meat and what perfect way it is then to go Vegan for the day!

Now this place has a cat cafe vibe going and i am not kidding.


See all them shelves? Perfect for a cat cafe for cats to climb out of reach to go anywhere and everywhere especially to escape from the human grabby hands!

Now The Real Food serves Ice cream, main dishes, appetizers and a wide range of drinks which all of them are made from Organic ingredients and this cafe is 100% Vegan or so they say.

Now while looking through the menu, i do believe they are slightly on an average cafe pricing so that ranges from like $8 till $14 depending what you order.

Now for pictures galore!

20141226_170237_Richtone(HDR) 20141226_171009_Richtone(HDR)

Ice cream were priced at $4 and this is chocolate which tasted more like dark chocolate and Hazelnut. Museli was an additional $1

20141226_171259_Richtone(HDR) 20141226_171349_Richtone(HDR)

Now what interest me was their Decor. The had this lamp with a lot of paper which has words and drawing on it as their lamp and the shelves were filled with this bags which was nice and yellow and very structured which got a thumbs up from me cause they looked cool!

20141226_170256_Richtone(HDR) 20141226_170347_Richtone(HDR)

What i love about the decor is that it is very relaxed and it is not overall cluttered unless you are in the shop itself because they have a variety of products for sale!

So to me, it really is the perfect place to chill and feel healthy because everything is not only organic, Vegan but it is easy on the eyes with the wide spaces and interesting decor!

Now you can find them at

the real food

Also check them out at https://www.facebook.com/RealFoodNovena

Have fun and be Vegan for a day!

Toodles dee you guys!




Throwback mo back : Nature

So about last year, i found a hidden gem in my usual nature walk which was about an hour walk inside through vast spaces and grass but reward is amazing,

I mean living in the city, there are not much greenery or nature and this spot is really special but i have never seen anything like it,

So the place is called



It is super deep inside but trust me, it is totally worth it!




And in the water, look who we made friends with!

20130929_171350  20130929_171343

This lil guy kept popping his head in and out and swimming towards us.

Anyway, this place was absolutely beautiful and very peaceful. The sky is lovely but the weather was normally hot and there is minimal shelter so those who plan on going there, do bring a lot of water because the walk there is very far and there is no water point there.

And i actually went back there 2- 3 months ago and had a picnic with my girls and we had tons of fun even in the hot weather.

But mostly importantly i wanna inform everyone that BINS ARE LIMITED,

So please bring your own trash bag and throw it once you see a Bina and let’s keep the place green and beautiful not only for us but for the animals that lives there.


Toodle dee you guys!



what i have learnt working in the hospital

And so, to conclude my post ” Working in the hospital” Pat 1 and 2, These are what i have learnt

1) People have to understand the concept of ” Wherever you go, there will always be a queue and you will have to wait ” 

I honestly don’t understand why people are so ignorant about this because literally every where we go, there will always be a queue like for example, queue-ing for coffee or the bathroom. The only difference is how long are you gonna queue for and that depends on what time you come and how fast your doctor sees the patients before you. 

2) Just because you are paying does not give you the means to be rude to us and like wise same with doctors, just because you guys  studied very high up does not mean you are the king of the fucking world. 

People, really?! Basic manners alright, if i ask you a question politely, i expect you to be polite to me as well not a whole bunch of attitude because trust me, i will make me hate you and i know how the computer system works. 


If you want us to see your patient, call our doctors and discuss with them first! Do not happily tell them false information and when they come down to our clinic and we are packed to the brim, our doctors are very likely going to refuse that patient causing us to clean up your shit and we will hate you for the unnecessary commotion you guys caused. 

4) The hospital works in a big system and when one side fuckes up, its a ripple effect. 

5) This mainly applies to patients, Please stop defaulting or changing your appointment and getting mad at us for closing your case and asking you to get a new referral or to be considered as a new visit. 

we always do our best to understand which ever situation you are in, like you are waiting for pay day, you are waiting for social worker approval or you have no transportation to get here, we get it and we will try to make it convenient for you but please stop defaulting your appointment because after 2 years, it’s a case close and we have stuffed all your records to the Medical office and it is very hard to get back so instead of skipping all your appointments, tell us you want it cancelled and we will gladly do it for you and even tell you to call us back once you are ready for a new appointment. 

6) Please stop asking us to make you the first patient Doctor see’s because it’s not happening, We already have another patient who came much more earlier then you and has already been waiting so yeah, pretty unfair if doctor sees you first unless your reason is valid then we might consider BUT WE WILL HAVE TO CONSULT WITH THE DOCTOR FIRST. 

7) Dear Doctors, i know you want the best for your patients but please, i beg of you, limit the time you have with a single patient unless the patient is really sick, we aren’t going to say anything but taking an hour to catch up with one patient when you have like 20 more waiting outside, our asses are on fire thanks to you. 

8 ) Dear front line stuff, you and i both know how tough it is dealing with patients and being the first point of service but could you please do not be an asshole as well? 

I mean Bitch please, we both are dealing with the same shit and you showing me a bunch of attitude is not going make me wanna help you. 

Funnily, these are what i have learnt but



much love, 




day 1 of ramadan!


i literally buried myself underneath my blanket when my mom tried to wake me up for my pre dawn meal and after that was done, i headed back to sleep as i had a 3 day mc from school and it was my last day of mc. Got ready later in the afternoon and headed back to school for training! Bumped into one of my friend, Isk who looked dashing as always and went to nepal with me and it was so weird for both of us as we had always hugged each other as a greeting and since it was the fasting month, we couldn’t touch each other so we both just stood there awkwardly and talked for a while. 

Headed off to meet v and went to the dojo for training. AND GUESS WHO FINALLY GOT HER GI! OHYEAH. ITS ME, I GOT MY GI. 


sufian helped me with my belt and we started our warm ups which already got me thirsty and tired but i continued on even though our vice captain gave those who were fasting the benefit of sitting out but we all did it and the only time i sat out was after our swimming exercise. its basically doing the motion but pulling your body across the room and i hated this exercise the most. 

because without the Gi, i feel like this


but with my Gi on i feel like this

because i couldn’t move and i struggled until my captain helped by pulling my belt forward and he looked quiet happy doing it. Anyway after warm up, we practice our throws and pretty boy ben kept coming over to check on me and V at first then slowly started entertaining himself and distracting us. It was really fun being with him because when he showed a move to V, i was their dummy and it felt like a roller coaster as he carried me from the back and swing me to the front! 

Shaz came over to help em and V with our leg sweep and one mistake that i couldn’t get rid off was i had a tendency to hook onto their legs causing me to fall over as well. Its hard trying to recondition your body when your body did muay thai for a period of time. 

Long story short : My friend sprain her 2nd toe during randori ( open mat)  and my friends feet actually got stuck on the inside of the bottom of my pants because it was long and i accidentally stepped on her feet. During practice, V threw me unexpectedly and got me all winded. 

lastly, Ben accidentally tap my butt when he actually wanted to tap my hip but i moved and his hand landed wrongly. 



anyway kinda proud of myself because i was able to get through the day without breaking my fas until the proper time and i could control my cranky-ness! 

30 beautiful ramadan day challenge.

Dear readers, today post will have  religious context. 

for those who wish to know more, do read on but for those who do not want, i will totally respect your decision and you are free to leave 🙂

The beautiful, beautiful month of ramadan is finally here! 

Just imagine 2 weeks ago i was dreading not being able to eat any time i want too but Alhamdulilah ( praises to god ), i have survived for 2 days and i am looking forward to fast for the remaining 28 days.  

just a quick summary about ramadan, 

One of the five pillars of islam is the requirement to fast, not being able to eat from day break to sunset, not allowed to smoking, and engaging in sexual relations; in some interpretations also refrain from swearing. So basically, nothing can enter your body during the fasting period ( from day break to sun set for a month, not for the whole month! ) 

Food and drink is served daily, before sunrise and after sunset and those are the only time where we can eat and any time after that, we are not allowed. we are suppose to fast. 

So what is ramadan to me? What is fasting? 

Ever since i was young, i have been trained to fast by my parents as it is part of my religion and it grows into a habit even though we only do this for a month and trust me, the first day of fasting is always the hardest. My patience is always getting challenged and i really want to curse and i get hungry so easily and i don’t want to wake up for my pre dawn meal and through all my excuses, i managed to fast for 2 days. Alhamdulilah ( Praises to Allah) 

Ever since i was in my teens, i had always thought fasting was a way for me to save money and manage my weight and it was basically compulsory so i had no chance of avoiding it unless i had my period ( as it is considered unclean) 

However this year, it feels different because i feel blessed regarding the littiest things like getting to breakfast with my family and this year, i have actually set goals for myself during this fasting month which are

– 30 day ramadan reflection

– To control my swearing and curses and to speak nicely. 

– to be a better person ( i say this every time )

– to lower my gaze and be humble. 

I stumbled upon a website which was talking about the purpose of Ramadan and it wrote somewhere between the lines of ” testing your faith as a muslim / islam ” and ” A spiritual journey of discovering oneself ” 

It got me thinking and instead of thinking it as a compulsory thing to do and making up more excuses, i decided to set realistic goals and hopefully achieve them with Allah’s blessing of course. 

you might start to wonder bout the challenges i face during this month. 

I am pretty sure that every religion fast in their own ways and every year, i will meet people who won’t understand why my religion requires me to fast from day break to sun set with no food nor liquid at all and there are some who makes a mockery of it saying its stupid , its inhumane and stuff like that

now my dear readers, if you encounter people like this, send a little prayer for them. It doesn’t matter what religion you are but help me send a lil prayer to those who mock you and discriminate you for the things you do for your religion. Instead of blowing up at them and causing a scene, just send a lil prayer for them that God opens up their heart and be on your way with a smile because you did something good,  you became unselfish , you prayed for someone and that feeling is amazing. Yes, you might feel the anger burning at first but cool down and think about what you just did, if you are able to do this, you have my respect and if you failed in doing this, don’t worry and try again. People are always going to make you angry but be the better person and send a little prayer. 

I have the utmost respect for people who keep trying. 

this post is getting lengthy so i shall end here! 

Much love everyone, 


no matter what religion you are, be proud of it. You were specially made that way 🙂

and for those free thinkers, as long as you guys are able to respect those with and without religion, you are awesome as well 🙂

rants : eventful week part 2

Hello my readers (Again)

This is part 2 where i will talk about my fainting experience in public. 

Yes, you read it right. 

I fainted in public! 

how was it like? 

i should probably tell you how it got to that point. 

So on Friday which was 5th of july, I went to the polyclinic near my school to get an MC for my horrible dripping nose that was starting to annoy the crap out of me. Got my mc and headed to blood donation before meeting up with my girls as i was free like a bird. 

My blood donation was a-okay but perhaps i should have rested long or took a heavier meal as 15 min after my blood donation, i feel my body heating up and my world started spinning. In fear, i quickly dashed to the nearest seat and put my head between my legs so the blood would go to my head but before i knew it, i was already on the ground. 

i have no idea how i fell because i felt instant pain on my knee and side of my head as soon as i woke up. People were crowding around me and i was sweating a bunch but the worst part was when i felt like my head wanted to explode. I could barely stand nor sit up. All i wanted to do was lie down and hopefully the pain would go away

but alas, i was in public and the MRT staff had to force me to get up and take a rest at their rest room. Once i got up and started walking, i started puking as well. It was horrible! My head was spinning, i felt cold and warm at the same time and now my stomach was puking all of its content. 

this was just not my day. 

The MRT staff guided me to their rest room and i had to lie down and slowly colours was coming back to my face and the next thing i knew, the ambulance was already there. Apparently the public called them ( bless those lovely concern souls )

they took my blood pressure and asked me a series of questions and asked if i wanted to go to the hospital. Me being a scardey cat said no and since the MRt staff called my parents already. I told the paramedic that my mom is already on the way and if anything happens, my mom will drive me over. 

They agreed and went off without giving me a few advices and cheerfully waving goodbye. That made me smile. Mom came and picked me without and once i got into the car, she started nagging at me and it didn’t help because i was in pain and had a head splitting headache. 

but i know my mom means well and she was nagging at me to cover her worry. Which mom won’t be concern over their child? 

We went home and i sleep from the evening sun till the dead of the night. Yes, i was that tired and when i woke up, i instantly felt better but after a while, i would start feeling light headed again and would have to lay down again. My head now has a bump due to the fall and the downside of fainting, for 2 days straight, i have been pigging out. Literally an hour or two after my last meal, i’ll start eating again and the worst part, i wasn’t even close to being full. 

PS, now i’m hungry and craving for junk foood! 


anyway much love you guys, 


rants : judo camp part 2 and claustrophobic

Hello ma readers, sorry i haven’t blogged about anything lately. Was busy with camp and finally got home on a Thursday! i was so worn out i just spend the day sleeping and i still feel tired! 

Anyway camp was FUN! After my emotions took a hit on the first day, i met my babygirl for an intern talk in school and had to missed half of the day from camp! The talk was super boring till i fell asleep 3 times and basically did not hear anything he said. We headed out for lunch and i poured out my heart to her and she admitted this was the lowest she had seen me and i basically didn’t really touch my food because i lost my appetite! After lunch, i calmed myself down before heading back to school and joined the rest for training which went well and pretty boy was so nice! found out that he has a girlfriend and they always go on trips together! so sweet right? 

anyway after training and dinner, we had night walk which i was honestly not looking forward too because i am claustrophobic and being blinded folded and lead around the school is not my thing and i told them about it and they said they would keep an eye out and i had to be blindfolded. Pretty boy helped me with that and i kept adjusting it so i would peep at the floor. 

Here is the thing with mild claustrophobic people like me! 

1) i am fine as long as i see spaces and recognize my surroundings! 

spaces at least gives us comfort and recognizing our surroundings actually put us at ease! we do not freak out as often and we can control ourselves. 

2) claustrophobic people are smart! 

If we do not freak out the minute you put the blindfold on us, its most probably because we can see the floor but we pretend we can’t see anything. 

3) Do not touch us when we are blindfolded or we will hurt you! 

when i was doing the blindfolded walk, someone behind me kept putting his hands on my shoulder and when i wanted to touch their hand, they kept avoiding my hands and kept giggling. i was this close to hitting the person. Yes, i literally wanted to kick them and i won’t probably regret it because you were annoying as hell. 

so in conclusion, i freaked out about 4 times but i held it in and made my eyes watery. As much as i wanted to freak out and drop to the floor crying, i couldn’t because of the people around me especially the guys. They were supportive like for example, when we had to walk  down the steps and i was totally against it because i couldn’t see and i couldn’t possibly judge how big the drop from one step to another and i literally didn’t want to go down but my sweet seniors actually held my hand and helped me down! 

Thank you my seniors for the help! if you guys didn’t help, i was more than happy to stay at the top of the stairs! teehee! 

okay ma readers, one thing that i would like to say is if you know someone who is claustrophobic, please do not corner them and ask them ” Am i scaring you right now? am i  freaking you out now? ” after they had revealed their hidden secret because we are uncomfortable saying it and more uncomfortable showing it. Not forgetting your an asshole if you do that and deserved to be hit. 

Another sign to look out for if your friend is claustrophobic is after whatever activity you guys did, look at their hands. They will be shaking and we are likely to hide like sitting on our hands or clenching them  unless we do not realize than that is different. 

so please be supportive of people like this. Everyone has their own weakness and this is our’s. 

anyway much love you guys! 


Judo eyecandy

Eyecandy is basically a term for someone who is visually appealing to you or someone who makes you all giggly and shy out of the blue and these people are basically strangers.

unless you make them your friends but won’t that be called a crush or is an eyecandy and a crush the same?

anyway forget that and lets move on to my new eyecandy.

I saw him in judo class and my friend is telling me that he is my judo captain which i’m not really sure because i wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying and i was telling myself how cute he was.

i need to address something here, there are 2 kinds of eyecandy that crosses people mind.

first, your unrealistic expectation

yes, chuck bass is my unrealistic expectation of the ultimate eyecandy because HE IS CHUCK BASS

and secondly, your realistic eyecandy who actually makes you shy and all giggly when you see him and you would literally melt in his presence and his smile just makes you swoon. now your realistic eyecandy, he might not even be as good looking as chuck bass or zac efron, he could be your regular joe down the street or that kid who sits at the back of the class or that kid whose constantly drawing and not paying attention to anyone or someone who works at your place and yes, your girlfriends are probably going to tell you “That is your taste? girl, get your eye check ” or ” He is a no! A hell no! ” but does it really matter?

When i saw my eyecandy, he really looks like a plain joe and he has such a cute puppy face that i want too squish! He fights and there is just something about him that makes him so appealing to me and yes, my girls were telling me he was okay, nothing special but to me, he was something and

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter because you know how you feel and at this point of time, you don’t care what people think but you would kill just to talk to him and see him smile when he says your name and when that happens, nothing, nothing in the world  anyone can say that can make the moment less special.

of course unless it’s your mom calling. That is a real moment ruin-er.

much love my readers,


moving along : tryouts and thoughts

Hello readers! thank you for taking your time to read my humble post and i may not be that good of a writer but i am learning and trying. It is hard to capture someone’s attention for a long period of time especially when you have plenty of word in them but too many picture doesn’t tell the full story so to every single write put there or at least inspiring, i applaud you, i salute you because as i have found out, writing is no easy task and it must be done with passion for it if not, there post would feel incomplete.

anyway today’s post is tittle, moving along. I wanted to type out moving on but i did a post on that and didn’t want to get confused. After my guy friend so willingly left me for the girl he is in love with, i started getting my life back on track. It is not easy but giving up is also not an option. Tell me, what is the use going back to someone who wouldn’t care about you? To me, all that is unnecessary stress factor that can be avoided. It is not easy really, waiting for a single text or even a tweet to show he is still thinking about you, giving up all those nonsensical chats and being the volcano when he is your water. It is hard but i can’t turn back.

so yesterday, i and a few of my friends went for modern dance try-outs  Modern dance in my school is a mix of ballet technique and contemporary jazz. Training was tough because in my 20 years living experience, i have never did ballet before and yesterday was the first time and it was super hard but the dance and the music is so beautiful, so graceful that i fell in love with it but after 2 years worth of muay thai training, it is a hard pick because i am so used to fighting and changing what i am so used to, it is definitely not easy and i really need to consider this

And tomorrow, i have judo try-outs and from there, i will make my choice. If i meant to be back in the martial arts, i won’t hesitate but if i am heading for the modern dance, i got to practice for my auditions and will have to work really hard to keep up with everyone but i believe with passion, everything will be a-okay 🙂


much love,


blood donation!

So for the first time in a very long while, i decided to go and do a blood donation and i was excited!

Okay, basically in Singapore, we have something that is called a blood donation. Blood donation is when a healthy person voluntarily has blood drawn and used to save lives! and i am pretty sure that every where or majority of the world’s countries has something like this.

My first time donation blood was when i was coming to 18 and i did it out of good will because apparently it came out in the news that the blood bank in singapore were facing a shortage of blood supply and is appealing people to come forward and donate. I took a chance and went for it with my parent’s permission as in Singapore, if you are below 18, you need your parents consent and you have to be 21 to sign the consent yourselves.

so after the regular registration, filling out questionnaire, a quick trip to the doctor on site which will take your blood pressure, temperature and explain regarding the questionnaire, if all is well, you will be given the clear sign and go to another room to check the amount of iron in your blood. if the iron is above 12.5, you are allowed to donate.

blood donar card

(My donor card)

It is intimidating when you have a needle that size ( shown in the picture ) in your arm and if it wasn’t for the aesthetics injection beforehand,   you would have already been screaming in pain but you know what’s the best part, having the healthcare provider around you and making you feel comfortable and trying their best to comfort you and trust me, the needle isn’t that bad. It actually doesn’t hurt.


anyhow, i was given the all clear sign till the iron in my blood testing. Mine was only 12.3 and i was rejected which was super disappointing because this isn’t my first time getting rejected. It been way to often because the iron in my blood has never been more than 12.6, the lowest was 7.5 around there? so i was disappointed and trying not to sulk like a spoilt brat while my friend was able to donate. I was angsty tweeting but i finally calmed down and told myself not to give in up on blood donation and try again after 2 weeks because the system locked me out (asshole)

but on a greater note!


I have gotten a medal for my 5th donation which means i have helped 15 lives! hehehe. Apparently i didn’t know we had this system by where your first donation, you get a medal, your 5th donation you get another medal and your 10th donation, you get another medal.


You could imagine how stoked i was when i got the medal. It was such a nice thing for the blood bank to do for people who regularly came to donate blood. It serves as a motivation for us to come back and keep helping.

So fellow reader, take a chance and help save someone’s life. Your blood could help a total stranger or even your family member, we may never know and if you feel afraid, grab a buddy who has the same intention as you. It helps and you both can be each other support!

The first time is always the hardest but it is definitely a life changing decision.

much love,