rants : day 3 of camp!

So last day of camp and to me, it was the best day ever! 

so we started our day with breakfast and played games!

one of my favourite judo games is basically dog & bone : judo style! 

How do you play this game?

Simple! have two team with an equal number of people, number themselves and we are good to go and don’t forget to get a bone or an object for them to run after! 

normally, the game master would call a numbers out like eg ” 12 ” and both team with the number 12 will come out and try to get the bone before the other team! If you have a very bad game master, they could call 2 – countless of number and make everyone fight for it! 

now here is the twist in judo style! 

Our bone is usually a human called nelson who would lay flat on the floor and be allowed to dragged everywhere but the best part, you can tackle the opposition team when you guys are being called out! 

it is awesome! so during our last day of camp, that was what we did and i had an even number so when my game master called all the even number out for both team, it literally looked like the world war was going on! can you imagine like 6 people from each team was trying to grab the bone and you could see everyone was getting tackled and falling over! 

and because the guys wasn’t allowed to touch the girl, they tried all means to block us even by using their butt which caused me to laughed because i found it funny! 

The cons of this game, the amount of causalities is too damn high! Everyone will come out with bruises and trust me, that part isn’t funny like i actually injured my wrist when the bone got turned over and everyone was pulling him with my hand and my friends hand caught underneath! 

Thank god he got flipped over again and our hands were free! So while we were playing, the taekwondo people who were in the room decided to join us and it suddenly seemed like an inter marital arts game which i sat out because my wrist was hurting me. 

It was obvious that judo were winning and the game master decided to mix it up and get both the taekwondo and judo people to mix! That was even worst because the amount of causalities were rising at an alarming rate! 

And you know what my captain said ” I am not surprised if the taekwondo people refuse to be our friends after this ” ah well! 

anyway much love my readers, 



rants : judo camp part 2 and claustrophobic

Hello ma readers, sorry i haven’t blogged about anything lately. Was busy with camp and finally got home on a Thursday! i was so worn out i just spend the day sleeping and i still feel tired! 

Anyway camp was FUN! After my emotions took a hit on the first day, i met my babygirl for an intern talk in school and had to missed half of the day from camp! The talk was super boring till i fell asleep 3 times and basically did not hear anything he said. We headed out for lunch and i poured out my heart to her and she admitted this was the lowest she had seen me and i basically didn’t really touch my food because i lost my appetite! After lunch, i calmed myself down before heading back to school and joined the rest for training which went well and pretty boy was so nice! found out that he has a girlfriend and they always go on trips together! so sweet right? 

anyway after training and dinner, we had night walk which i was honestly not looking forward too because i am claustrophobic and being blinded folded and lead around the school is not my thing and i told them about it and they said they would keep an eye out and i had to be blindfolded. Pretty boy helped me with that and i kept adjusting it so i would peep at the floor. 

Here is the thing with mild claustrophobic people like me! 

1) i am fine as long as i see spaces and recognize my surroundings! 

spaces at least gives us comfort and recognizing our surroundings actually put us at ease! we do not freak out as often and we can control ourselves. 

2) claustrophobic people are smart! 

If we do not freak out the minute you put the blindfold on us, its most probably because we can see the floor but we pretend we can’t see anything. 

3) Do not touch us when we are blindfolded or we will hurt you! 

when i was doing the blindfolded walk, someone behind me kept putting his hands on my shoulder and when i wanted to touch their hand, they kept avoiding my hands and kept giggling. i was this close to hitting the person. Yes, i literally wanted to kick them and i won’t probably regret it because you were annoying as hell. 

so in conclusion, i freaked out about 4 times but i held it in and made my eyes watery. As much as i wanted to freak out and drop to the floor crying, i couldn’t because of the people around me especially the guys. They were supportive like for example, when we had to walk  down the steps and i was totally against it because i couldn’t see and i couldn’t possibly judge how big the drop from one step to another and i literally didn’t want to go down but my sweet seniors actually held my hand and helped me down! 

Thank you my seniors for the help! if you guys didn’t help, i was more than happy to stay at the top of the stairs! teehee! 

okay ma readers, one thing that i would like to say is if you know someone who is claustrophobic, please do not corner them and ask them ” Am i scaring you right now? am i  freaking you out now? ” after they had revealed their hidden secret because we are uncomfortable saying it and more uncomfortable showing it. Not forgetting your an asshole if you do that and deserved to be hit. 

Another sign to look out for if your friend is claustrophobic is after whatever activity you guys did, look at their hands. They will be shaking and we are likely to hide like sitting on our hands or clenching them  unless we do not realize than that is different. 

so please be supportive of people like this. Everyone has their own weakness and this is our’s. 

anyway much love you guys!