RANTS : that one friend

Let’s get straight to the point, we all have that one friend who always MIA or disappear when we need them and apparently i have one of them in my clique as well. 

I know it is unavoidable but honestly,can i just burn her to the bits and pieces? cause honestly i am done! I am so tired of all this shit. 

It goes like this, i have this friend who we are going to call N. She has a tendency to disappear during the holidays and basically me and my girls really give up on trying to ask her out on our outings because she won’t reply your sms or basically she isn’t there and i was totally fine with it until a week or two before break. we both decided to join judo together and when it came to the holiday and training was going on as usual, i thought she was going to come because god damn it, there was training! 

But apparently the girl is so busy that she has no time to come and it sucks because i am the one who always have to spam her phone reminding her, trying to call her to find out is she coming or not and i find myself annoying but here is the thing, 

judo camp is 3 days away and this girl is no where to be found! I kept trying to call her to find out if she was coming to training today because she said she WILL TRY TO MAKE IT TO FRIDAY’S TRAINING but when i tried calling her, THIS BITCH IS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! NO SMS, CAN’T EVEN GET THROUGH HER PHONE AND SHE IS PISSING ME OFF! 


like i am so done with this! if you didn’t want to go holiday training or camp, just say and i will leave you alone! i feel like i am wasting my breathe and my sms and internet connection and my calling time trying to get through to someone who probably died in a hole and no one could find her body or her handphone. 

yes that is how pissed i am! i tried to be understanding but don’t keep me hoping only to find out you are missing and making me feeling very angry because an angry me is never good like today i am THIS CLOSE TO TEXTING YOU SOME REALLY MEAN STUFF AND TRUST ME, WHEN I SAID IT IS MEAN, IT’S VERY MEAN. 


or another option could be killing you in your sleep because one way or another, i am still murdering you for all the dashed hopes, no replies and useless phone calls. 

sorry for the outburst ma readers, 

some people can really get on your nerve faster than the rest and the worst part, they are in your clique. 

anyway much love,