rants : H and something funny

Hello ma readers, sorry for the haitus. 

My grandpa just died last week and honestly everything has been gloomy. Its painful because 6 months ago, my favourite girl passed away and now he went away. My heart is struggling so much right now. 

anyway i met this friend name H. 

He is definitely an interesting character and what i like about us is our friendship was based on mutual respect. We are total opposite like

He loves soccer more than life and you would never catch me watching soccer unless i am forced too. 

He hates horror and i am a horror freak! 

He does not like animals because it is troublesome but i love animals

and in all that we disagree, we found respect and that is amazing. 

but now, i feel sad for him. He has been facing some problems and i feel sad because he won’t tell people about it and prefers to be a ticking time bomb. As much as i want to be the trigger that makes him explode and make him feel better, I can’t. 

we stopped talking as well and i feel sad because he was one of the person who i found so interesting and he stands out and his smile is adorable! 

H, i wanna see you smile and if i was given the chance to blow you up and make all the sadness go away. I would. I honestly don’t care if you end up screaming or hating me but as long as you feel better and stop being a ticking time bomb, i would be happy.

Anyway moving onnnn, 

something really weird and funny happen on Friday! 

I actually bumped into my judo captain. Now as you know, he is also my eyecandy and he look so cute!

anyway i was sitting in the library waiting for my friend to finish class when he came out of this meeting room (nosily i might add )  in the library and we both made eye contact. you know that moment where you both are staring at each other trying to figure out if you both really know each other until the realization hits you and you both end up looking like this 

so captain actually went “Oh shit ” and literally hide his face in his shirt! he pulled his shirt up and ended up covering part of his face and his friend ended up asking “What is wrong you both ” because i started laughing and covering my face in embarrassment. He told his friend to just quickly go off and it was so funny and weird! 

but it made him look so much more adorable! 

but when i see him again, i will have to do this 

anyway much love ma readers and thank you for hearing my rant.