Rants : sugarless

I am not into Japanese drama because sometimes it comes off as cheesy but sugarless was amazing because there was fighting and comedy and a tad bit of romance and there actually is manga based on it! perhaps i should read the manga! 

Shiiba Gaku has transferred to Kushima High School which is called ‘Windmill’ because of the windmill monument on its rooftop. His ambition is to get to the top of the school. Bad boys like Tobe, the leader of Hydra, a gang of delinquents; and Shiro, rumoured to be the strongest of the first year students, crowd the school grounds. Gaku immediately picks a fight with Syake who now reigns atop the windmill, but is cut off by students who demand that he defeat them first if he wants to take on Syake. There are those that falter at the sight of the wild look in Shiiba’s glare. However, someone lands a punch on Shiiba’s face. His nose bleeds and he goes out cold. Even the school beauty Suwa Haruka is stunned by Shiiba’s loss. On his first day, Shiiba meets first year student Marumo Taiji. Marumo is disinterested in fighting and asks Shiiba, who has been provoking but losing successive fights, if there is meaning in competing for the top. 

credits http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Sugarless

My version of the synopsis, 

It is basically about a new transfer student who comes into Kushima High School and openly declare he will be the top and rants about how he will defeat syake ( the current top ) and challenges anyone who wants to be top as well as well as challenging the top 3 fighter in the first year and no 2 of the school which is in their second year which is their senpai. 

now lets meet the main people of this show! 

Throughout the series, i have grown to love all of them! Each of them had a difficult past and wanted to be top because of all the wrong reason till shiiba gaku came along. He made them realize what they were missing out and changed them. He changed them for the better and honestly shiiba gaku is such a comic relief! at every fight, something will definitely screw up but what makes people admire him is his perseverance. This boy does not know when to give up and actually ends up motivation those around him to do the same. 

And I heard majority of them are actually singers from a Japanese pop group called GENERATIONS and their song was used as the opening for sugarless. I swear the song is super addictive!


 one of my most favourite senpai,  Usui Masahiro as Kiryu Yoichiro (Kirio)

This boy right here is so cheeky! he is portrayed as a playboy calling all the girls he has ” Honey”  and the 2nd strongest in the school! he is well know for his invincible left fist but refuse to challenge syake again because he was afraid. He is actually a comedy relief at some point of time because of his cocky nature and English speaking words! 

now lets meet syake , the current top of the school

Well you got to admit, he is really pretty for a guy. Anyway this is syake also know as shake in the manga. This guy is really invincible and doesn’t really play much of a role till the few ending episode where we get to see him fight. 

Anyway what i really love about this show is how they always bring up the main point which is never to give up. I am a sucker for shows that has character development like this! Since the first till the last episode, we could really see how the character grew and developed and how they end up having mutual respect for each other and how their friendship grew. 

what i dislike : The ending seems like a cliffhanger! 

So i give this show a 4/5 because i really don’t think they need the girls in it. They were more like comic relief for me and didn’t really have a special role but i would still suggest for you guys to watch it because it is amazing and i was able to finish 12 episode in a day!


My favourite boyyyy! * sequels *

my new mantra : As long as you don´t give up, you haven´t lost – shiiba gaku

anyway much love ma readers,